A Parsi Vision

In the short story “A Parsi Vision” author “Manek N. Bhujwala” presents a view through his life experience that how “Sanctity of a place” and “Form of God [by which we realize its presence]” helps us in solidifying our belief in God and His spiritual creations.
One of the experiences which he shares is nostalgia when he was a child. One night while he was lying in the living room of his home, he was awed by the sight of a tall figure in brilliant white dress which closely resembles to a priest in Parsi religion, whose face is not visible. Later contemplating on the incident, he was able to connect that appearance is like Sraosha (similar to an angel in Christianity) who is considered a messenger of God and protects the soul. Moreover, he witnessed the spiritual being in the place [at his home] where he recited the prayers daily with his parents.
Thus, he stresses on the fact that any place whether it is a temple, church, mosque, or a corner of our residence that has been sanctified, kept clean, and used regularly for prayers, acts as conducive in connecting to Divine and getting closer to God.
Many years later, he had another beautiful experience while watching Hindu epic “Mahabharata”, where there is a dialogue from God declaring something like “I shall appear in front of my devotee in whatever form the devotee worships me …..”.As author has notion of God and all spiritual beings in the form of all-white costumed priestly figures; he saw Sraosha (God or angel) in white, priest like dress.
These above two experiences of miraculous nature had profound effect in his life and helped him to fight occasional doubts about the existence of God or about God’s power against evil, especially when he sees injustice, suffering of good people, and evildoers enjoying life.
According to me this article has helped in understanding that how different religions are inter-connected. Also, no matter how different our beliefs or customs are, but each path of  religion gives the same underlying knowledge, that it is the Purity of Faith in Supreme being  which helps one in realizing the presence of GOD.

- Saurabh

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