From Mindlessness to Mindfulness!

 Everyday I see people who want instant change to their life’s situation, without understanding why they are where they are. Whether its a brilliant or poor student doesn’t matter, they just want it, that too somehow! I thought I could share some basic understanding of life that everyone should have and hence this article. This article is an inspiration from the “Repetition and Daily Practice” by Andrew Holecek from the “Light of the Consciousness” magazine.
Spirituality is about knowing yourself. It involves scrubbing out old deeply ingrained habits, which believe me takes time and reiteration. Accomplishment in any disciple takes repetition. In Tibetan tradition for example, one does one hundred thousand prostrations, one hundred thousand mantra recitations, one hundred thousand mandala offerings, one million guru yoga  recitations and that’s just for starters. They may seem like outrageous numbers, but are nothing compared to the numbers accumulated from the practice of materialism. We have had selfish thoughts million times, bragged about ourselves, criticized others, gossiped, cheated, lied and practiced self centered actions millions of times. Meaning  we have been “Mindless” millions of times. The numbers are astronomical and so is their spheres of influence on us. So do understand why when the teacher says to practice meditation (or) forgiveness (or) cultivate compassion. It’s for a reason. The teacher is not torturing you with activities, rather helping you out of your old ways which made you stuck. On the spiritual path we replace the unconscious habits of confusion with conscious habits of wisdom. Instead of unconsciously practicing anger, lust, greed, selfishness, impatience, we consciously practice discipline, love, patience, kindness. 
The spiritual path is hard at first, because we are stopping old habits that come so easily and replacing them with difficult new ones. Mindlessness is very natural to us. It’s easy to be spaced out and distracted. This can be proved by trying to look at an object for few seconds without wavering and we can see our talents of distraction. This distraction is a bad habit, accomplished through constant unconscious practice. Even though Mindfulness is our true nature, we are deeply buried in Mindlessness. 
Mindfulness can be achieved through hard work and repetition. Since there is no glamor to the hard work of repetition, people don’t do it. Understanding the mechanics of the Spirituality dispels the illusion about the ease  of accomplishment.

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