Is Spiritual Life Circular?

When I was talking about the 5th Chapter in Bhagavat Gita in “Atma Gyan and Vichar” series yesterday, there was question. It goes like this:
1. “Why we have to go through many yogas (Krishna talks about many yogas like Karma Yoga, Dhyana Yoga) to achieve Brahman (God)?
2. Should one has to go through all the yogas to achieve them?
3. Why we have to be in Union with God through many Yogas? Isn’t that waste of time and effort?

These are very good questions and hence I felt the need to addresss them. Let me address these question through the blog below:
I recently read an article called “Simplicity and Spirituality” from Light of Consciousness Journal and I’m going to use this article as a basis to answer the above questions from the sincere seeker.

To our mind, the Spiritual life is full of paradox. One such paradox is the fact that Iam already fully realized Divine Being, but I don’t perceive myself as one (or) as being divine for that matter. So it’s confusing for people as to why they are searching for what they are already and also the efforts put in doing that. To those people, the spiritual life seems circular, but in reality it is not. You might have returned to the same place, but with each pass, you will see things differently. You would find that this moving in circles would change your perceptions of yourself and the Universe everytime. “Moving On” a mantra that I always use is the only way to keep the transformation happening to oneself. This is the answer to the first question. With every pass (or) yoga, you change/move yourself to the next level. So yes, it’s necessary to transform yourself slowly and gently towards the Ultimate.

To answer the second question, if you can perfect yourself completely through one Yoga, then it’s sufficient, but rarely we come across somebody who has done that other than the Brahman himself. When you can’t (which is very likely), then you have no choice but to go through them all (or) less to achieve that Union with Brahman that you are seeking.

Always understand that in the path of spirituality you are in the trustworthy hands, eventhough the trails leading to it might not be clear initially. In Franciscan priest’s words….”We are carried in a net we can’t fall out of”. Remember you are not alone. At each turn in the road, each precipitious incline, you will meet friends if you need them (or) if they need you.

The key tool you need to carry on this labyrinthe path is Stillness, it’s as Simple as that. Not only you must sit still to keep moving, but must learn to be stillness itself. This involves practising deeper forms of stillness: stillness of body, of mind, of heart, of imagination – even stillness of will. With some modicum of self knowledge and the will to act on your inner self, you will step back from the established patterns of thinking, relating and behaving towards a new way of being. When you are that new being, then your third question will be answered, as you would have understood it by then that this path/yoga is not a waste of time and effort. With the heightened awareness of the inner life, acting on the intuitions and subtle promptings, everything in one’s life is organized, responding to the rhythms of this inner adventure.

This spiritual life should be consciously structured to reduce financial and social demands, to secure more time for silence, solitude, non-doing and to support a more inner-directed focus of attention. We then spend a great deal of time carefully studying the river of consciousness, finding its less troubled pools, gazing deep into them where the water is still and clear.

In conclusion, what is really necessary is really simple:
1. Love your “Divine Self”
2. Love others
3. Surrender and Let go
4. Breathe
That’s about it. A child can do it. An adult finds it maddenginly difficult!
Hope this helps the sincere seeker.

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  1. svenkat Says:

    Thanks for the answers ! This helped to clear the doubt about why we need to go through different yogas.

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