Getting a job during recession – A Divine Experience

I was an average student like most people and having no clue of what to do in life. But fortunately as my Guru started associating with me and introducing me to like minded people, things started changing. I started to feel the Divine Grace in every single walk of my life. I would like to share one such experience where the Grace of Guru and Divine helped me get a job.
I came to US to do my Masters degree in 2009, which is the peak of recession. It was not getting better either in 2010, so I decided to graduate by Dec 2011. By Jan 2011, students started getting internships and I was happy to have made a correct decision. But my Guru and my brother, advised me to graduate by May/August sensing the job market to become good soon.

To do so, I need to take extra courses and at the same time search for job. Also I was having an on campus job. I was not sure as whether would I be able to give enough time for everything. I was worried about paying extra money and handling the pressure. Actually speaking, I missed my goal that doing a MS degree is to get a full time job. In that case, it is wise to have the option of graduating when needed as advised by my Guru and my brother. After thinking for some time, I decided to take the extra courses and take up the challenge of handling them successfully.
The courses, assignments and projects took most of my time in Feb and March. As I registered for the courses very late, I had to catch up with the lectures and assignments too. I was not finding time to search for job very seriously. My brother would always help me in reminding me to apply for jobs. He checked on the companies that are doing well and asked me to apply to them. This made my job search easier and I applied in the time that I got in between my academics. By March, I gave most of my time for job search and I applied to most of the companies. I understood that if I do not get a job by May, then it is a waste in taking extra courses.
Till March 2011, I did not get a single call for an interview, not even a phone screen. Then around March end, out of nowhere I got an email from Intel for a phone interview. I was really surprised and happy. I didn’t clear the interview but it gave an exposure into how the interview at Intel would be. Then from April onwards, I started getting calls for phone interview every week. I was not clearing the phone interview but with each interview, I became more confident.
I got a call from Intel again by April mid for a full time position in Oregon. This time, I knew how the interview would be in Intel and was confident of doing it well. The questions asked in phone interview were very simple and the interviewer was so impressed that he immediately said that am in for the next round of the interview.
I was asked to come to Intel office at Oregon for a personal interview. On the interview day, I did the grounding and meditation taught by my Guru and went to the office. I was nervous in the morning, but kept grounding myself and encouraged myself to be confident. It was a 6 hour interview with each people from different department interviewing for an hour. Fortunately, I happened to meet the interviewer near the parking and got to speak with him. This eased the tension and boosted my confidence. I did the first round very well.
From then on till the last round of interview, it was very easy. I responded confidently to the questions and whenever am stuck, the interviewers helped me until I figured out the answer. This was the pattern for the whole day with all the interviewers. Not always you get interviewers who are friendly and encouraging you. But I got people like that through out the interview. Overall I was satisfied with the interview. The next day, the hiring manager emailed me that I cleared the interview and they are happy to give me the job offer. I was very happy that I got the job. Everyone in my family was wishing for that and I really needed it as it gave meaning for the efforts put in for the last 3 months.
But the story doesn’t end there. To join the company, I need to get approval from my Department and file for graduation. I waited to get a job offer before filing application for graduation. I need to get approval from three people, my Advisor, Co-advisor and Graduate coordinator. Among the three people, two are famous for shouting at students for no reason. Since I was doing my paper work at the last minute, I was worried about getting signatures from them. But to my surprise, both of them congratulated me on my job offer and signed the documents without any fuss. Then I applied for graduation and now am all set for graduating in August 2011.
When I look back at my class mates and many students in my school, most of them are struggling to get a job. Since the market is good, students are getting phone interview but it is not getting converted into a job offer. The companies are giving a tough interview. Only a handful of students has graduated and got jobs.
It clearly shows in my case that Divine has guided me in everything right from helping me take the correct decisions, enabling me to clear the interview with confidence and till I got the graduation documents approved. All it needed from me was devotion towards the Divine and Guru and sincere effort towards achieving the goal.

- Sriram

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  1. Venugopal Says:

    Dear Sriram,

    Congratulations on your new job !!

    And this is what is called as grace of Guru and Divine as well. You have showed that how following the guidelines from Guru helps you to achieve the impossible. Basically you have practiced some principles of Guru-Bhakti Yoga’s for your case. And in between all these i see your hard work, efforts too. Otherwise managing extra course, job search, preparation for interviews all at the same time are difficult. This again reminds me of our Guru’s comments “If you take one step, Divine takes 10 steps”. So you have taken efforts to take extra courses etc., and that resulted in Guru & Divine showering their blessings. Also, when you were at the interview site you kept to the basics (grounding, meditation), which is a good sign that you were confident that time.

    Good luck in your new job.

    - Venu

  2. Shankar Says:

    Dear Sriram,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Recalling Success and expressing thankfulness is a great quality. This gives the mind a very positive outlook. Often we move on quickly once we attain the goal but we get stuck during tough times. It could be that we are not good masters of our mind. But doing something like this where you recount how you got success and expressing your gratitude will train the mind in a positive way.

    Now this your experience… that will guide in life.

  3. Sanjai Says:

    Dear Sriram,
    Glad you were guided divinely. This article clearly shows that we may not understand the reasoning behind Guru’s words. But ultimately it is for our own good. The word “worry” reminded be about something. Worrying is self created i.e, it is a mental phenomenon. The mind spins its wheel on a matter which it had constructed and needless to say that this matter is not significant. I am glad you had the strength to overcome this “worry” with Guru’s guidance and grace.

    All the very best in your new venture! May the Divine shower you with inner strength and peace.

  4. Priya Says:

    Dear Sriram,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. Even though you were not clearing interviews in the beginning you took it as an experience and learnt from it. Your positive attitude and hard work paid off. As Shankar said being Thankful is a great quality and I can see your thankfulness was heartfelt.

    “I started to feel the Divine Grace in every single walk of my life. I would like to share one such experience where the Grace of Guru and Divine helped me get a job.”
    This reminded me that to even feel the Divine grace we need Guru’s grace.

    “All it needed from me was devotion towards the Divine and Guru and sincere effort towards achieving the goal.”
    Well said Sriram. You are also blessed to have a wonderful brother to guide you.
    All these experiences and teachings will be a great guide for you in your new beginning.
    All the very best in your new beginning.

    - Priya

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