Nutritional trends in 2011

Our Guru always says “If you change, everything around you will also change”. I have experienced this personally. Our Guru asked us to write a book on nutritional facts of foods. Until then I was unaware of nutritional information of food I’m cooking and eating. I always used to think I need to change my cooking and eating style but never really did. After studying lot for the book,  I introduced more  healthy food into our lifestyle.
I came across an article published in HINDUISM TODAY (Jan 2012) about new USDA’s food pyramid which inspired me to look more about it. The country like USA, where primary food is meat and dairy released its  new simpler model of food pyramid CHOOSEMYPLATE  in mid 2011  with the support of first lady Michelle Obama.It is a replacement of USDA’s 2005 food pyramid. In this MyPLATE surprisingly there are no words like meat, fish, eggs and sweets. It gives simple and straight idea of balanced diet. Fill your plate half with vegetables and fruits, 1/4th with grains(mostly whole grains), 1/4th with Protein and top it off with a glass of low fat or non fat dairy.
Now I can see there is a growing importance for more healthy and nutritional food everywhere. People are becoming more conscious about health and staying away from processed and high carb foods. I saw an article in website about the nutritional trends in year 2011. It says the biggest trend now is “back-to-basic” approach which means  going back to foods which are  organic and healthy. People are trying to incorporate more whole grains,  fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. Ayurveda is also gaining  its importance again. It is a welcoming change for the future generations.
The food we eat feeds the mind too. So with healthy food, body and mind also becomes healthy. Healthy individuals all together  forms a great society. As we all look forward for new changes and surprises in the  year 2012, lets make our own changes as eating healthy and nutritional food and surprise ourself with it. Wish you all a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR ahead.


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  1. Sriram Says:

    Nice article Anu. “In this MyPLATE surprisingly there are no words like meat, fish, eggs and sweets.” Yes this is really a surprise. Thank you sharing this article.

  2. Priya Says:

    This is a wonderful blog Anu. It is interesting to see the entire plate filled with only vegetarian portions. And also it is very interesting to see Ayurveda being given importance again. I have been seeing lot of Ayurveda articles recently in “The Hindu” online newspaper. “The food we eat feeds the mind too” – we come across this in Bhagavad Gita too. Lord Krishna talks about how one can increase Sattwa guna by consuming Sattwic food.


  3. Sanjai Says:

    It is good to know that we are going back to basics. Scientists tell something today and contradict the same in a few days. This article also reminds me about what Satguru Bodhinatha told – We become what we eat. Thanks for a good article Anu and providing us the awareness about what we intake.

  4. Venugopal Says:

    Thank you Anu for writing this blog. You have done an excellent job of summarizing the article to a concise page. About the article, it is really interesting to see vegetables along with other supplements (Fruits, Proteins etc.,) makes a complete meal. I’m sure the USDA’s food pyramid clarifies the myth currently every one have about the nutritional values in complete Vegetarian meal. You have rightly pointed that the food we eat feed our mind, which is very important for any individual to think right, act right. So if some one who wants to be right, they know what kind of food to eat now.

  5. Shankar Says:

    Thanks Anu for writing about the most relevant topic. Yes Organic foods are being embraced like anything before. I see organic in most food products these days; it has become the new Old i.e going back to basics. Very well written about healthy food feeds healthy mind. It is also a positive feedback loop. i.e. healthy mind will ensure we eat healthy foods again. So we no longer have to keep track of nutritional items or quality of food we intake. As we start eating healthy nutritional food consciously once;so will the mind take cares repeating the same again.

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