Boost Your Energy

We all need to be very energetic throughout the day to cope up with the daily busy schedules. But what do we need to do, to get energy boost all through the day? Small differences in our life style make a big impact in the energy.
High energy is the natural state of a well-rested person. A 5 year old kid usually bursts with energy, not because of coffee or energy drinks. It comes from the fact that they go to bed early & sleep for 10 hours or more every night. This habit will make a big difference; a good night sleep will make people to handle more work in the day.
Regular exercise plays a significant role in increasing energy levels. Many studies prove that sedentary lifestyle and lack of energy are interdependent. With sedentary life style, muscles and heart lose their ability to handle exercise. The resulting lack of energy increases inactiveness. A brisk walk of 30 minutes a day and gradual increase in the intensity and duration of the exercise will help to break this cycle.
Food plays an important role in boosting energy. Choosing right kind of food and eating it in right time, will boost the energy. Generally, after a huge holiday dinner with lot of meat, cheese and gravy, many people experience a huge slowdown. Because the animal fat or any form of saturated fat tends to make the blood more viscous or thicker. That is the main reason why many people feel tired after heavy meals. People who eat vegetarian food notice that their energy increases.
Meals that contain small amounts of healthy fats, along with protein and complex carbohydrates, are the foundation for an energizing diet. Some good choices are oatmeal, beans, rye, barley, brown rice, wheat, quinoa, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, etc…
Instead of coffee, tea and artificial energy drinks have fresh fruit juices, low fat milk and yogurt. These will boost the energy in correct proportion. 
So the secrets behind bursting energy throughout the day are getting a good night’s sleep, regular exercise, eating plenty of healthful complex carbohydrates, plant based protein, reducing sugar, skipping unhealthy fats and caffeine.

6 Responses to “Boost Your Energy”

  1. Sriram Says:

    Thanks Nithya for sharing this article. It is nice and well written. It is nice relating kids energy level. It reminds me one of the earlier blogs where Guru would have said the same about doing simple things “… a child does it with ease but adults finds it maddeningly difficult”.

  2. Sanjai Says:

    Just by reading this article there is an energy boost. What we intake, how we execise, good sleep all are energy boosters indeed. Also having peace and happiness inside takes us to a different energy level. Thanks for sharing this article Nithya.

  3. Priya Says:

    Thanks Nithya for the wonderful article. Sleeping, eating and exercising the right way makes a huge impact in our lives. It is very motivating to incorporate these changes in our daily life.

  4. Venugopal Says:

    Thank you so much Nithya for writing this much informative article on “Energy boosters”. These are the small changes every one of us need to lead a healthy life.

  5. Anuradha Venugopal Says:

    Thank you nithya for the article. It is very nice to know small changes in sleeping, exercise, correct food etc will boost energy.

  6. Aravind Ganesan Says:

    Its good to know how small things that we take for granted usually can make a huge impact if done the correct way. Thanks Nithya for posting this article.

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