Giving is the best way of getting

I read an article “Giving is the best way of Getting” by Ed and Deb Shapiro from the magazine Tathaastu. I was able to readily connect with this article. The authors of this article had beautifully presented a good view of “Giving”. I am using this article as a basis for this blog. How many of us love to move away from a crowd, sit alone and enjoy the solitary peace? At least I used to be one.  Is it wrong? We all need a little time for ourselves. But solitary peace can easily disengage us from the reality around us. If we settle for the peace by isolation, aren’t we selfish (and a shellfish J)? If we want the world to be a safe and better place to live, we ought to reach for other and help them. Giving ourselves is the greatest generosity. But wait. How about sending a check or paying online to one of the charity organization? Isn’t this sufficient? It’s all about love and caring for one another. Please contemplate more about this question and post your comments.
There was a time I used to advertise to my wife when I donated some money. This was a start for a person who does not really part with his money. I then realized that there is no point in taking pride in doing charitable work. Who am I helping? Who is being helped? It is all about me. I am indeed helping myself. This may not make sense to people who are currently in the state of mind I used to be in. You have to experience it yourself by constantly reminding what the right thing to do is and putting the generosity in action. Experience the joy you will receive when you see a smile on the faces of being helped. Experience for yourself the satisfaction you will receive when you help others, care for others, and be compassionate. Humbleness sprouts spontaneously when the “helped” thank you. But don’t expect the thanks and appreciation from others please. This will indeed multiply your joy several hundred times more. Don’t attach any strings while giving. Don’t get attached to it. It should be unconditional.

Have you noticed that there is more happiness during various celebration times like Diwali, Thanksgiving, Christmas …etc.? Haven’t we enjoyed getting gifts? There is someone who presented this gift. Right? Imagine how much joy you can bring to others by giving. Try it out! Talking about Christmas, the first thing that comes to our mind is Santa. To know he is real or not is not important. What matters is what we can learn from him. The author of this article in Tathaastu has beautifully described them.

Santa asks us to be good. By good he means being kind, generous, considerate and thoughtful. He gives to all without expecting anything in return. The author of this article appears to have realized this and they say it is the quickest way to happiness. I agree with this fully. Santa also provides appropriate gift. He is teaching that wisdom is required in giving. This reminds me of a Tamil saying – “Paathiram arrindu pitchai idu”. This essentially means – know the needs and help accordingly. Food is something a hungry person would like. The hunger would not be satisfied by giving him 10 elephants. I should note that there are several other interpretations for this proverb. “Use your discernment” is the key message. It is also interesting to see how well Santa listens to us. He takes time and listens. We often forget this and start judging others or impose our thoughts on them. Let us try and practice listening. Also, Santa provides everyone without getting attention. He comes is through the chimney and goes without getting unnoticed. Likewise let us not expect anything in return for our act of giving. Let us do it without getting any attention. Also let us practice the random acts of kindness. Like Santa, let us also be filled with joy and uplift others by focusing on what is good.
How does Santa know where we live? Santa is inside each and every one of us. Santa is our true self that is there when we let go of our ego-centered needs. Isn’t it time we start realizing our true nature and act accordingly? Giving is the best way of getting our Self back.
Happy Giving!

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  1. Sriram Says:

    Dear Sanjai,
    Thank you to the Santa in you for giving us this beautiful blog. It is very nice.

  2. Venugopal Says:

    Dear Sanjai,

    Needless to say, this is a wonderful article with a deeper meaning & beautifully illustrated examples. Yes, you can always send a check online to the organization. But the key elements – Love & the whole heart effort we attribute to that giving really matters here. Even though this article is titled as “Giving” it not only talked about that. It also talked about love to the fellow humans, which is a key characteristic to be developed. The Santa example has made this article even simpler to make it understand to younger generations too. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog. I will wait eagerly for your continuation blog within the comments :)

    Thank you,

  3. mk Says:

    Dear Sanjai,
    After reading this blog ,I see the maturity in the words and I felt it while reading.The line “There was a time I used to advertise to my wife when I donated some money” felt like i was in the same state of mind.This blog helped me to understand what is the real meaning of “Giving” and correct my state of mind. Thank you Sanjai for the wonderful article.

    Thank You

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Blessed Sanjai – great article (blog) you make us happy. We appreciate you sharing our article with your readers.
    I trained in India at the Bihar School of Yoga. My Gurudev is Paramahamsa Swami Satyananda. He is my inpiration!
    Namo Narayan.
    Swami Brahmananda (Ed Shapiro)

  5. Sanjai Says:

    I thank everyone for sharing their thoughts.
    Swami Brahmananda (Ed Shapiro) brings up a beautiful point. I had thanked him for an inspirational article. He has in turn attributed the inspiration to his Guru. This is so true. Yes. A transformation happened within me. We all have the necessary ingredients – Love. But it is the Guru who in his own way makes the transformation possible. Guru’s grace helps us realize this. I would like to thank my Guru, Vijay, for helping me. I had planned to write about the source of transformation in this blog. It is also so beautiful that Swami Brahmananda’s comment highlights the message.
    Am I losing by giving something? Absolutely. I am losing my rigidness, my small mindedness, my ego. Did I gain something? Absolutely. I will keep the list simple. Love and healing.


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