Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse is a wonderful visual treat to humanity; it occurs when the full Moon lines up precisely with the Earth and the Sun, and the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon. The shadow can partially or totally cover the Moon, giving us partial and total eclipses. Moon looks spectacularly bright just before and after the eclipse. The Moon’s surface is rather reflective, and close to the time of a lunar eclipse you are seeing the most direct reflection possible from the Moon’s surface. If it is a very clear night, you will get a beautiful view of the Moon.

A full lunar eclipse is one of the most beautiful and dramatic things you can ever hope to see. Not only does it turn red but also it becomes 3 dimensional. The bright glare of sunlight on the normal Moon washes out any dimensional features but during a full eclipse it becomes very sci-fi and otherworldly looking.

Spiritual Importance of Lunar Eclipse:

Moon represents the Chandra nadi (Ida nadi) in our human body. This nadi is responsible for our emotions or our thoughts. When there is a lunar eclipse there is a great change seen in the different thoughts of the individuals.

Spirituality portrays importance of lunar eclipse in multiple ways. I have tried to showcase different spiritual perspectives of lunar eclipse.

One of the perspectives is that lunar eclipse intensifies tremendously the power of a regular Full Moon. Lunar eclipse multiplies the karma by 1000! Whatever you do on a Lunar eclipse, + or – 5 days, can have implications during years on your karma. It depends on what we wish, what we ask for and how we act on that particular moment. Karma can be positive or negative. So we should try and accumulate the positive karma by doing charity and service to humanity.

Here is another view according to a spiritual research; during the period of eclipses there is a rise in the rajasic-tamasic and a reduction in the sattwic component. This rise in rajasic-tamasic has many harmful side effects at a subtle (intangible) level, which may not be noticeable in the physical plane initially. There is an increase in distressing energy and the environment is more conductive for negative energies, which may be used against mankind.

In Hindu mythology there is a wonderful story that describes how the gods and the demons once formed an alliance to produce nectar that could give them immortality. This is the story of the churning of the milk-ocean and the descent of Lord Vishnu as the Kurma avatar, the divine tortoise. When the nectar that was churned from this ocean was being served to the gods, a demon, disguised as a God, sat between the Sun and the Moon in an attempt to procure the nectar. When he was detected by the Sun and the Moon, Lord Vishnu immediately severed his head from his body. Unfortunately, it was not fast enough, for the demon had already tasted a small quantity of the nectar and had become immortal. Ever since, this demon is said to wreak vengeance on the Sun and Moon whenever they come near. The head of this great demon is known as Rãhu and his tail is known as Ketu. Rãhu and Ketu are known as two invisible planets. They are enemies of the Sun and the Moon, who at certain times of the year (during conjunction or opposition) swallow the Sun or the Moon causing either a solar or a lunar eclipse. In Sanskrit this is known as grahanam or seizing.

What one should do on this day? Before the Eclipse one can drink water. One is allowed to perform aarti, pray and sing devotional songs during this period. During the eclipse one should sit in one place, chant the name of God and sing devotional songs. Chanting of God name helps to nullify the effect of the increased rajasic-tamasic and black energy in the environment due to an eclipse. One should observe a waterless fast while the actual eclipse is in progress. One should meditate on Moon to strengthen internal powers

After the eclipse one should take a bath with one’s clothes on immediately after the eclipse. It is best to take a bath in cold water after the eclipse is over. One should offer donations according to one’s income. If donations are offered with love and devotion, one will receive appropriate returns as stated in the scriptures. It is in the joy of the Moon-god being released from the clutches of Rãhu that the devotees offer donations.

What one should not do on this day? One should not eat 9 hours before the lunar eclipse begins. One should not offer meals to God during this pre-eclipse period. One shouldn’t perform important actions: All good and auspicious actions are predominantly sattwic or rajasic-sattwic. As a lot of rajasic-tamasic frequencies are transmitted during the eclipse period, good actions done during this period do not yield expected results. Hence it is advisable to avoid all important actions like inaugurations, important business deals etc. during an eclipse period.

One should reduce rajasic-tamasic activities: Avoid doing things like sleeping, watching television, eating & drinking as they are rajasic-tamasic predominant and only leave us more vulnerable to getting affected by departed ancestors and ghosts.

The increase in the subtle basic rajasic-tamasic in the atmosphere during the period of an eclipse affects food as well as the digestive processes. Hence it is advisable to avoid meals during the period of the eclipse.


As per spirituality, lunar eclipse occurs with a definite cause. It would be good we can take it as comes and follow the dos and don’ts by which we can take benefits or avoid the ill effects of lunar eclipse. Basic point to remember is to avoid tamasic activities and meditate on one’s Self.

Sattwa  – Quality of being pure

Rajas    – Quality of being active

Tamas  – Quality of being dull

- Bhanu

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    The article on Lunar eclipse was really awesome. Especially the do’s and don’t, the causes of eclipse will be really helpful and also very interesting for persons like me who do not have a basic knowledge about Eclipse. Explaining what to do and what not to do with a perfect explanation was beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing this article with us.

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    Thank you Bhanu for explaining the significance of lunar eclipse. You explained very well do’s and don’ts during eclipse time. They are useful.


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