Weathering the Storms: Dealing with different states of mind

This blog is based on the article “Weathering the storms” written by Alakananda Ma, who is the principal teacher of Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula. As suggested by the title, the article describes how to face the storms in mind and not be carried away by it. I would like to give a summary about this beautiful article which helps us to handle a few important feelings which often arise when humans are in a distressed state. It also gives us a hint to recognize who we are and also teaches some basic responsibilities in life. It also shows us the basic step towards spirituality. The article traverses through the benefits of meditation and also teaches us how to handle fear, grief, anger and ignorance.

We often tend to project meditation as something which gives us a clear thinking, peaceful mind… etc.  So when we are in a state of distress we would love to seek the path of meditation for our inner peace and calmness. As we start to practice meditation, the problems which are causing the state of distress will be going through our mind.  But on a genuine practice of meditation we will come to know more about ourselves. We will know our positives and negatives. This helps to face the problem as it is.

Fear is the first feeling which the article addresses. It is the first thing to arise when we are in distressed state. Fear is something which can break our firmness in life. The younger we are, the tougher it is to handle. When we are in fear, we tend to devote and surrender ourselves to God, longing for grace. We need a teacher who can assist us through this fear. Fear paves us the way for surrender and devotion to God.

The next feeling which the article explains about is grief which arises because of love and attachment. It halts our life when we lose our most loved ones. During these times we should feel and experience grief but should not get carried away by it. We should see grief as small portion in life and should not take it throughout our life. The article explains it by a phrase written by a Tibetan yogi named Milarepa who says relationships are like reflection of moon in water. If we think them as real our grief would increase. We should understand that it is the loss of attachment to person which causes the misery.

After knowing how to handle fear and grief the article speaks about anger which is a very common feeling for all. We would normally tend to show our anger on someone or just suppress it. But anger also shows us the way for calmness. We need to increase our love and kindness towards others. When we start loving everyone the feeling of anger automatically reduces. When we handle anger in this way we will have a clear thought.

The last feeling which the article speaks about is ignorance. To handle this feeling we need to indulge ourselves in serving the world. The article quotes an example from Bhagavad Gita where it states a realized man works for loksangrah which is welfare of the world. We need to indulge ourselves in helping others. We need to apply ourselves more in seva which is nothing but doing service to others.

When we have the capability to handle these feelings, we will have the ability to understand more about ourselves. When we have this ability, we indulge ourselves in the basic step towards spirituality which is nothing but identifying oneself.

- Ram M

4 Responses to “Weathering the Storms: Dealing with different states of mind”

  1. Vijay Gurusamy Says:

    Dear Ram,

    The article is very well written and crisp, to the point. Good Job in summarizing the various feelings that would arise in a distressed state. It didn’t seem like this was your first blog and sounded more mature in the style and content when I read it.


  2. Venu Says:

    Dear Ram,

    This article is well structured, to the point and explained in a simple manner. You have beautifully explained how to overcome the lower nature by increasing the higher nature. Very nice article indeed!!. I liked the part where you have explained how handling these feelings would be our first step towards spirituality.

    Thank you,

  3. Sanjai Says:

    Dear Ram,

    Wonderful message and well conveyed. One need not apply the solution only in distressed state. Practicing them when we are some what stable will help us a lot and will minimize the effects of the unwanted feelings. The feelings described in this article are common. We think it is bad and why does it happen to me. This article beautifully provides the answer. Well done Ram.


  4. Raghu Says:

    Dear Ram,
    The article well summarized about various feeling of distressed state in mind,I like the article very much in which is the solution for the fear,grief,anger and ignorance,Thank you for the wonderful article.

    Thank you,

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