Life is the Greatest Gift

This blog is dedicated to my Guru.

What is the most wonderful thing in your life? Is it music, being with friends, being with nature, movies? Yes of course each individual has different liking and find their unique interest. What enables us to enjoy things we like? Is it sufficient to have taste buds to understand sweet? Likewise if I have new car but if I don’t drive it, what good is my new car? Where am I going with these questions? Without this life I will not be able to enjoy this very blog writing or a sweet or anything for that matter. Yes. I am grateful for having this life to experience everything. That is why I consider life to be the greatest gift.

Having told that life is the best gift, how did I take care of it? I thought I was taking care of my life properly. With the kindness of my Guru, his grace showed me how I was actually taking care of my life. My perception of life is different now. It is of greater value than I could have thought of.  Some people may say “What do I do with this life? Life is not good. I don’t want this life anymore God.” People of this opinion have not understood what they have with them. This is being ungrateful to God.

Life is like a whiteboard. You can color it the way you want to. You decide what you want to do in your life. Parents take care of their children day and night without getting proper sleep. They don’t complain about it. The child may be crying the whole night. The parents try to pacify their children unconditionally no matter what. How about showing the same care on you? Why not extend the same loving care to you? I think many of us are extremely busy in life and don’t have time for it. My Guru advises me to slow down. It is only after slowing down a little bit I understood what really my Guru was advising me. I was able to find time for others and I was able to find time for myself.

Life is precious gift from God. We need to cultivate our mind and body in the best possible manner.  When right thoughts come to us, right words are spoken, right actions are performed, right results are obtained. This leads us to the ultimate goal – liberation. All religions talks about the importance of human form. Why waste it? We can be thankful to God for anything and everything. We see his miracles all around us. Talking about miracles, I was blessed with twins recently. This was possible purely because of my Guru’s kind grace. He has given me the experience to write about the miracle of human birth, caring of children day and night.

This blog is based on an article from Tathaastu.

- Sanjai

3 Responses to “Life is the Greatest Gift”

  1. Ram Murali Says:

    Hi anna,
    The blog on Life is the Greatest Gift was really good and great. As said in the blog, a couple of months back I was also cursing myself,God and my life without knowing who is God and what is life. But by following Guru’s advice and through his grace I am now able to have a sense on what my life is about, who is God, who are all the good people in my life and many more things. Thanks for writing this blog.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ram Murali

  2. Venu Says:

    Dear Sanjai,

    Through this article you have given an insight into one of the most not thought through yet important part of our life, which is “life” itself. The way you have beautifully started really made the difference. The introduction increased the curiosity to read the article. Also, i liked the comparison of life with whiteboard where you can color it the way you want, which is so true. You have actually posed excellent questions to ponder. Thank you so much for another wonderful article.


  3. Raghu Says:

    Dear Sanjay,
    The article was very good,As you said,In reality Life is precious gift from god,Nobody can find the real Life goal without Guru,Also You are well said,what are the things to bring liberation, This article realized me ,where were I am before meeting Guru,Thank you for the wonderful article.

    Thank you,

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