Unlocking the peace with yoga

Since ancient times it has been known that yoga keeps our body and mind healthy and strong. Yoga means “to unite”. Yoga through asanas (physical postures) and breathing exercises unites our mind, body and spirit. Through proper and continuous practice of asanas, our body gets stronger. Moreover, any long standing health issues gets cured step by step leading to a healthy life.

Breathing exercise is an integral part of Yoga. Our body and muscles gets strong through asanas. Our mind gets strong and calm through breathing exercise called pranayama. When we slow down our breath, our mind also slows down. Anything we do with a calm mind will fetch us success. The asanas gives strength to sit erect for a long time during meditation and breathing exercises.


Through regular breathing exercise, our windpipe becomes free from any blockages. The unobstructed air passage helps oxygen to be effectively passed to the entire body. The heart muscles and valves gets stronger. Blood reaches every part of the body effectively. The food we consume is easily digested and converted to energy which is supplied throughout our body. The toxins and other wastes are excreted out of the body effectively as well. Breathing exercise also helps to maintain body temperature. It activates all our chakras (energy centers). This helps one to be energetic throughout the day and there is no dullness. It removes negative energies and fills us with positive energy. This enables us to reach our goals easily.

Proper breathing exercises unite our calm mind to the spirit and we get Divine energy. The lower gunas, Tamas (lethargic) and Rajas (materialistic) gunas, are slowly transformed to Sattwa guna (calm and composed). Anger reduces. We will show love to people equally. By getting all these good gunas, we can succeed in our life. The important fact is that women can overcome menstrual problems. Above all the techniques and practices, it is important to be under the guidance of a good Guru.

By God’s grace I have a good Guru. This blog is based on my Guru’s teachings. Every day I do asanas for 45 minutes and pranayama for 45 minutes. I wake up at 4:30am and go to bed at 11:00p.m. Throughout the day I work actively. My age is 61. Till now I have not been taking medicines. I don’t have any leg pain or joint pain. I am writing this to tell the power of yoga.

Yoga helps the scattered mind to be focused. It is very important to learn properly and follow yoga. We need a Guru and his blessings to lead our life in the correct path.

- Usha

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