Your thoughts are responsible for your happiness and sorrow

I read an article in Sanathana Saradhi, it explained how our thoughts will influence our actions. Sri Satya Saibaba wonderfully explained in one of his article regarding this topic. Most of the times we think that other people are reason for our sorrow and happiness. We easily blame others for our misfortune, Is it true? Definitely not, we our self is responsible for our happiness and sorrow. This is the truth our Guru always emphasizes.

Our thoughts are responsible for everything in our life. If we throw a small stone in a well, the ripples will spread entire surface of the water, in the same way any thought arising in our mind causes ripples in it and the effect will spread to all parts of body. For example if a good thought arises in mind, the heart will start feeling good, the eyes will start to see good, the ears will hear good and tongue start to speak good. So if it is a good thought the final outcome will be good. In the same way if a bad or an evil thought arise, the outcome will be bad too. The evil thoughts of harming others may not cause much harm to others as they may do to the one who entertains them. All our good thoughts originate from heart and heart is the adobe of God. A person with good thoughts will be always close to God. The thoughts for good of others and welfare of society will make a person noble. A person is called saint because of his noble thoughts.


What should we do if bad thoughts come to our mind? The solution is, if a thought comes enquire yourself whether it is good or bad. If it is bad thought cut that thought immediately and tell yourself that you are not going entertain it. By doing several times like this, frequency of bad thoughts will decrease and slowly they will disappear. But the ultimate goal is to reach the state of thoughtlessness. Only then a person can attain real peace.

Happiness and sorrow are result of actions, actions are reflection of thoughts. Therefore by channelizing thoughts in right directions one can fill his life with happiness and joy. Let us start sowing the seeds for good thoughts now.

- Anu

2 Responses to “Your thoughts are responsible for your happiness and sorrow”

  1. Vijay Says:

    I just loved the article.
    The zenith is when the author mentions that Heart is adobe of God.

    Very well summarized article.
    Good Job!!!

  2. Sanjai Athi Says:

    Dear Anu,
    A very well summarized crisp article. This is similar to seeing through tinted glass. All the objects seen throu’ a red glass, appears to be red in color. When seen throu’ green glass, green in color and so on. Likewise when we are good inside everything appears to be good. The idea of keeping a check on the thoughts is very good. Slowing down helped me a lot. Seeing things clearer and ability to monitor my thoughts are some of the direct impact of slowing down. I have found it hard to ignore thoughts earlier. Over a period of time this has gone down significantly. Some of the breathing techniques, grounding techniques helped me. All these helped me understand I am responsible for all the things that are happening to me.

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