Why is it difficult to Meditate?

Om Saravana Bhavaya Namah!

Before I talk about why one has difficulty meditating, let me talk about meditation first. Meditation is not a stress-busting technique as the world is trying to market it. Rather it’s a way to go deeper within oneself to find one’s true-self. But not many know what that is; hence meditation is not used for that purpose. So knowing the goal is very important before using the tool. It’s like buying groceries without knowing what to do with it. First think about the dish, and then write down the items needed to make the dish and then go to grocery shop. In a similar way, one needs to realize that they need to know the goal which can be reached through the tool of meditation. Having known the goal of self, you will know how to use the tool of meditation effectively and not find it difficult to meditate. Make sense? So set your goal straight, then use the tool not the other way.

- Vijay

2 Responses to “Why is it difficult to Meditate?”

  1. Shankar Says:

    Great post. Thank you!
    It makes sense now but what prevents a man to think differently & act? Is it the mind that is conditioned to do things in a certain way becoming the obstacle or is it the lack of awareness on why we need to do?


  2. Sanjai Says:

    Dear Vijay,
    True. I think this case applies to whatever we do. Many time we take actions i.e, we react to lot of things rather than acting on it, taking time to think, plan and appropriately reflect the plan’s action.
    Also, when “trying” to meditate, not all people may feel the peace/calmness. “Todo” list may appear when one attempts to meditate. Careful observation shows who we really are in this process. We may not like it but it is who we are. Proper guidance and regular practice will remove the obstacles in the path to real meditation. Removing obstacles mostly involves changing our-self.

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