Felicitation of great spiritual master – George A Boyd

As D2D members we always look for opportunities to serve great  masters. We got one such opportunity in help rebuild George’s ashram/home and publishing house. It was a wonderful and blissful experience to visit George. Our trip was filled helping George as well as participate in his “Light Session”, which is a silent meditation for about 2 hours. And then we had the rare soul reading done by George. We also took this opportunity to felicitate George. We are attaching some pictures while felicitating George.

Who is George A. Boyd?

George A. Boyd is a meditation teacher, counselor, metavisional reader, lecturer, author and poet, who has been offering a variety of services to the public since 1983.

Meditation Teacher:

George has studied and practiced meditation since 1965. He is an expert meditation teacher and an innovator in the field of meditation. He developed a system of integral meditation in 1983 that he has taught to groups and individuals since that time. He was listed in “Who’s Who Among Young American Professionals” in 1988 for his work in this field.

Metavisional Reader:

George has learned to see with the inner eye (metavisional reading). He also has developed the ability to access the Superconscious mind. This allows him to give insightful psychic readings, to channel guidance from his spiritual teachers, and to minister the Light and energy of the Spirit to others.


George has presented public lectures and workshops on the teachings he has brought forth at the Whole Life Expo and Learning Adventures. He was invited to speak at Babaji’s Parliament of Yoga and World Religions in 1992.

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