Esai Morales – Website Intern

At Darshan2Divinity (D2D) we work with many students as part time interns. Especially in website, where there is more scope to improve, innovate and make the website maintenance more efficient. Students will benefit a lot with working on latest technologies and gaining an industry level experience. In turn, they help with our organizational goals in website maintenance and development.

Esai Morales is a sophomore year student at Santa Clara University who has been helping D2D with Image editing and website design projects. If you are interested in learning about the opportunities we have at D2D, you can visit our opportunities page to get additional information.

About Esai Morales ( in his own words)
“I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. At Santa Clara University, I’m majoring in Computer Science and Engineering and minoring in Music. I’ve been interested in design since elementary school. During my senior year of high school, I took a computer science course and have been studying it ever since. D2D is giving me the opportunity to use both programming skills and creativity to help with front-end web development.”

Esai Morales (Extreme Right) and Nathan Kerr (Extreme Left) with D2D Team
Esai Morales(rightmost) with D2D Team

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  1. Sanjai Athi Says:

    Welcome Esai. “Esai” in Tamil language means music. I am eager to listen to the melody which you may bring to D2D. All the very best in your journey.

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