Creation resonates with the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita

Identify the teachings of Bhagavad Gita in Life.

Tree symbolizes Karma Yoga:

The life of a Tree is a wonderful manifestation of Karma Yoga. The Tree does all the hard work to become what it is, to grow branches, leaves, to blossom flowers and to bear fruits. Yet when the fruit becomes ripe (Nectar), it drops the fruit to the ground. It has no interest to hold on to the fruit of labor. Our actions must be similar. Using the resources & faculties given to us such as Mind, body, intellect, circumstances, time, we must focus on accomplishing the task on hand however small or big. Once the task is accomplished drop your attachment to it completely, only then it will be useful for the World. The human mind must be trained to act like a tree. The actions purify the mind and only with a purified mind it is possible to seek Divinity. Karma Yoga purifies the mind.

River symbolizes Jnana Yoga:

River takes birth on mountain ranges as a small spring or water basin and starts the journey towards ocean. The river knows it belongs only to the ocean. The river picks up tremendous force as it travels down and moves through all obstacles on the way but when it reaches ocean, the river is completely dissolved without a trace. Along the path of the long journey to the ocean, river takes multiple forms, sometimes as lakes, as waterfalls, as ponds, as dark clouds, as reservoir. However the fundamental aspect in all these forms, the water element is the same as in Ocean.

The journey of life is similar to the river. Each individual Soul knows it belongs only to the Universal Soul. The Individual Soul may take different forms along the journey as a human, an animal, a plant. However there is no difference in the fundamental aspect of Individual Soul and Universal Soul. The Individual Soul expresses through various forms and with the help of Shakti or Power overcomes obstacles along the way to reach the destination. At the end, the individual soul dissolves completely with the Universal Soul with out any trace, because the fundamental aspect is one and the same.

Earth Symbolizes Bhakti Yoga:

The Earth epitomes the highest form of love, called devotion or Bhakti. Earth revolves around the Sun unceasingly in a particular orbit. The Sun energy is never lost on planet earth. Sun is the source of all life energy on earth and the earth itself. By the constant grace of Sun, earth fulfills the purpose of its divine manifestation which is to be the home for multitude of living beings and aid them on their life journey. Because of this devotional act of earth, Sun bestows everything needed for life to prosper on earth. The earth does not do anything on its own here. The earth simply surrenders and is in constant devotion with Sun. Everything comes to it through the grace of Sun.

The Mind (Mind-Intellect-body) must engage in constant devotion to the Soul. The Soul is the source for all activities of the mind and the mind itself. If the mind is consistently directed towards the Soul and is surrendered to the Soul, that person will not possess any idea of doer ship. Everything that the person needs to accomplish during the lifetime will come by the grace of the Soul. Such life is worthy of living as that devoted person will assist many noble beings to reach their destiny similar to how earth assists multitude of living beings to reach their destiny.


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  1. Sanjai Athi Says:

    Arputham. Fantastic. True resonance and harmony in you. Thank you beautiful Shankar Athma for your words of wisdom flowing like the river, your inspiration like the Sun’s grace, your love like mother Earth, your selfless action like the tree.

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