Life from Birth & Death’s Perspective

In the system of existence, birth and death chases each other constantly. Their attraction for each other is so strong, only time acts as a temporary barrier.

However birth and death are only the many stops along the journey. Yet, they impart us the knowledge about life. Hence they deserve the celebration and rituals. Then what about life itself? Ponder O’ Erudite minds!

Life is the constant recognition of our true nature, our oneness with everything animate and inanimate. This knowledge and awareness is possible to obtain only in the physical body. Such is the greatness of the physical form. It is not easily obtainable but only through penance and dharma. This physical form is the “Wish fulfilling Cow – Kamadhenu” that has been given to us on a loan by Mother Earth. The Lord of Lords, pleased by our penance and dharma, grants the boon, the physical body. Use it to realize the true nature, O’ Capable minds!

With birth comes the physical body and discriminating faculty. Through the discriminating faculty we search The Truth, The Absolute. Death takes away the physical body and the discriminating faculty. After death we only possess the impressions. Without the discriminating faculty, the impressions balloon up, like a car running without brakes. O’ Strong minds! Keep Vigil while in the body on what impressions we accumulate. Use the discrimination faculty to distinguish Truth (eternal) and False (ephemeral).


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  1. Sanjai Athi Says:

    Dear Shankar,
    Beautiful. Some of the knowledge from Bhagavad Gita’s manifesting in different words through you.

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