Theme of this course: Darshan to Divinity through simple Living – Advanced Healing 3
Course Fee: Check with Course Co-ordinator through Contact us page. (cash, check (or) paypal payment accepted)
Place: 2716, El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

  • Core Healing:
    08:00am to 08:30am Abundance Healing
    08:30am to 08:50am Soul Upliftment Healing
    08:50am to 09:10am Spiritual Illumination Healing
  • Individualized Issue Healing:
    09:10am to 09:30am Healing for Back/Spine Issues
    09:30am to 09:40am Healing for Allergy Issues
    09:40am to 09:50am Healing for Cholesterol Issues
    09:50am to 10:20am Healing for Anxiety
    10:20am to 10:30am Break
    10:30am to 10:40am Healing for Digestion Issues
    10:40am to 11:00am Heart Healing
  • Individualized Energy Healing
    11:00am to 11:30am Individualized Energy for Parental Pattern Healing
  • Ray Healing
    11:30am to 12:00pm Ray 5 Healing


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