Theme of this course: Darshan to Divinity through simple Living – Surrender

Course Fee:Check with Course Co-ordinator through Contact us page. (cash, check (or) paypal payment accepted)

Place:2716, El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95051

  • Prayer, Meditation and Grounding:
    10.00am to 10.10am Introduction to Babaji
    10.10am to 10.20am Prayer to Babaji(Chanting Babaji Mantra)
    11.20am to 11.30am Grounding and removing old Grounding Chords
    11.20am to 11.30am Meditation (Golden Sun Energy)
    11.30am to 12.00pm Surrender. What is it?
    12.00pm to 01.00pm Lunch Break
  • Energy Empowerments to help Spiritual Aspirants with Daily Life:
    01.00pm to 01.30pm Earth’s Star and Heart Chakra aligning by Babaji
    01.30pm to 02.00pm Meridian Clearing, Balancing and aligning by Babaji
    02.00pm to 02.30pm Physical Heart Chakra Blessing
    02.30pm to 02.40pm Break
  • (Drink Lots of Water after powerful attunements)
    Meeting with Babaji:

    02.40pm to 04.40pm Surrendering Exercise
    04.40pm to 04.50pm Break(Drink lots of water after Surrender Exercise)
  • Questions
    04.50pm to 05.00pm Questions from Participants will be answered



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