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Thank you, Guruji for giving us an opportunity to learn about healing. I really enjoyed the class. The step by step process was wonderful. First purifying, then replenishing and then working on core healing, then individualized issue healing and ray healing. All of them are very easy to practice and it does not take much time. Experiencing different color energies was a wonderful experience as well. We are not only learning to do self-healing but we are also learning to help others by doing healing for others as well. This healing process helps our personal life as well as our spiritual life. Thank you once again Guruji.
Many a thanks to my Guru for teaching the Advanced Healing 1 course. I was fortunate to attend the class and to receive the healing energies. The knowledge about the 7 colors and its attributes, the types of energies associated with them are all wonderful. Experiencing the healing energies was so peaceful. And doing the healing for the group was very satisfying. Our Guru said God is the healer and I could see that through the energies I received with the help of Guru. Thank you again.
Thank you so much Vijay for your insight, guidance & experience provided during this course. I've thoroughly enjoyed this class. I never knew the significance of each color & their role in the spiritual world. This class exactly provided those details to me and it completely changed my perspective, the way I look at the colors. I'm very confident that from now on I look at each color with a different mindset. Healing experiments with different colors made the experience livelier. The healing techniques taught in this class can be applied immediately and are very easy to use.
I loved the class. It was very hands-on. The hands-on approach gave me an opportunity to feel different energies beautifully. There were no questions in mind. I was able to feel the property of various energies. This is a very very simple tool which anybody can use in their daily life. Again its simplicity cannot just be denied by anyone. Power of red color made me realize how I was ungrounded. The affirmations were very simple to understand and follow. Thanks to my Guru and Divine for the wonderful experience.
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