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After giving the soul energy – After I got this energy I was able to view / visualize the complete flower without looking. This time petal colors and the shape of the flower was also clear to me. This was very interesting experience to me and showed me how much of attention I pay in a single look.
After increasing awareness - After the awareness level was increased, without seeing the flower again I was able to visualize the petals along with the middle portion. I have felt the awareness energy on the right side of the chest.
Before any energy attunements - I had to see the flower for 4 times to get to the shape in front of me when I close the eyes. After first time I was able to see only the middle part of the flower.
The 1st time I saw the flower, I was able to repaint / visualize a rough image mainly with colors and it lasted for only a fraction of time. I tried it 2 more times but couldn’t match the 1st time image. After getting awareness energy, it is same but able to note the insects moving inside the pollens. After trying it a few more times and with soul energy, I was able to paint the image more properly with the details of insects, veins and petals. Thank you Guruji.
During the first time I was able to visualize the flower and focus on it only for shorter durations. The impression or the awareness of the flower quickly evaporated due to chain of random thoughts. I had to open my eyes and observe the flower – 4 times. With my soul energy level raised to level 2; I saw a distinctive improvement in focus. The background music also elevated my awareness. I was able to grasp the image of the flower for longer duration. The subtle color variations came to life. I saw a bigger image of the flower suggesting to me my awareness had increased. I had to open my eyes once to bring back my awareness. During the third level; my awareness of the flower increased further. I could envision the center of the flower with its beautiful petals. The color was mostly violet (light). It radiated over my face and gave me a sense of peacefulness. I was stunned by the bright colors and I opened my eyes to confirm the color of the flower. It is indeed a beautiful violet color flower. Initially I thought of it as a whitish light violet but that combination changed to violet (light to bright) by the last session. Thank you Guruji, for the experience.
I kept feeling a chord is being formed through my legs. At one point I clearly saw there was some heaviness in my legs. This could be indicating I’m grounded.
Experiences when other person was forming grounding chord on me: There was an interesting thing that happened when he was trying to find the center of my head. I was able to see how he was trying to locate the center. He was able to form the grounding chord. Not strong though.
Initially I felt tensed that I should do properly. Then after I went to her center of head, I was feeling good. I formed the 1st and 2nd grounding chord and requested her higher self that any negative energies be sent to Mother Earth and not come back.
Shankar is active inside. His center of head was very bright. Forming grounding chord was easy and was strong.
Forming grounding chords for others: I did it for my mother. I requested her higher self and then did the grounding. It was easy to do it and I sent the negative energies 3 times to Mother earth. I checked after forming each grounding chord and felt calm when focused on my center of head.
The soul prayer was very nice. I felt energy at the center of my head. I was having pain in my left leg but it went off almost every time I did the chanting. It was as if energy filling up, till my legs. When telling prayer for Love, I saw a yellow flower with brown stripes in it. During the chanting of “I am Soul”, felt different or more energy flowing. When we said “Right now” I felt my whole body filling up with energy. Thank you Guru.
The process was nice. I could feel the vibrations or energy pouring on to my head. For the initial few minutes I was completely absorbed. When I said “I am Love” I could relate to incident and feel the love energy. When I said “I am Will” I could sense the will i.e. incidents that reminded me of the will. For the next three chanting “I am Soul”, “I am Monad”, “I am Light Divine” I could only feel the stillness. There was still a tingling sensation on the top of the head. But other unwanted thoughts started to come and go. Finally during the breathing in & out through the chakras it felt a deep cleansing. Overall a great experience. It also reminds me that I need to be more relaxed so that I can be in the meditative state for longer period. Thank you for the awareness.
Thank you Guruji, and your higher self for giving us an opportunity to learn this Awareness course. Soul prayer experience was so wonderful. This time I could not put in words my entire experience. It was amazing. When we first chanted “I am Love” I felt so much joy and peace. This time it was different. When we chanted “I am Will” I felt stronger. Then when we chanted “I am Soul” I was seeing a flame and my entire body felt brighter. When we chanted “I am Monad” I was engulfed with energy. I am unable to explain it, but it was wonderful. When we chanted “I am Light Divine” it was so amazing. From the beginning I started feeling oneness and every time we chanted it became more. When you started saying focus on center of your legs that’s when I realized I did not feel my body.
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