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I kept reminding me about the root cause or origin of the fear. But every time I thought about it I was calm and went somewhere that I could not recollect clearly. I think towards the end I might have slept.
Initially I kept telling that I want to find the cause of fear and slowly my thoughts went to cricket. Then when you said to let yourself free, I said that once to focus on the cause of fear and let myself to watch my thought. I felt the shivering kind of feeling from top to bottom. Then it is back to cricket. Every now and then that thought only came. I now realize how much I am watching cricket and to reduce it. Thank you.
The left side of my body has been stretched towards the left side more. I felt there is something like pulling me towards my left. I felt like at least couple of times that I was going to sleep and had to be forced back to awareness. Overall different experience though I could not see anything.
I was able to move the energy horizontally and I could feel the energy going from top. During the stage 3 when I was actually trying to focus on the fear, my ajna area was stretched and I felt lot of movement on forehead.
For the Love attunement the energy was very soothing. It brought extreme joy and happiness which is different from what we experience normally. I felt like Lotus flower opening up. Thank you so much. It was a beautiful experience. For the Courage attunement the energy was warm. I felt it in throat and back of my neck too. It was firmer than the previous one.
Love energy attunement was very different. I had a tingling sensation around heart region first. Then I felt the warmness coupled with tingling. Courage energy had an opposite experience than love. I felt warm just for few minutes then it was coolness. I felt my heart region is relieved of some heaviness which exsisted before this attunement.
Love and Courage Energy Attunement : Thank you very much for the Energy attunement. The experience during the Love energy was overflowing nature of love towards all. I felt lots of little hearts floating around and reaching every one’s heart. The Courage energy was very good. I felt complete awareness to the present moment and felt a strong push in my heart; didn’t want to come out of it.
The experience was very different and helpful. Before receiving energy, I felt sleepy and did Golden Sun meditation with energy to remove sleepiness. Still I felt tiredness and when you gave the energy I felt my heart getting pushed and as it continued, I became very alert and active. When you asked about the heat in hands I couldn’t answer properly. After the attunement I realized my left side of body warmer than right side. Thank you very much Anna for giving this energy attunement.
Warmthness was felt throughout the body suddenly there was rush of energy (a blast) within as well. For some reason it was not warm on the left palm. Never felt so much warmth near the heart before.
Experience With Heart Attunement Energy : I visualized rays of energy flowing to each one of us from your heart. There was a definite feeling of energy at my heart region. But did not feel anything in the hand. Post the attunement there is a sense of cheerfulness.
The food was very tasty and wonderful. I felt very full. Both the spinach items were excellent. Roti was the best I have tasted in recent times; it had all the freshness and taste in it. Thank you very much for the wonderful food to the mind and Atman; and the delicious food for the body. Apple was quite filling. Raja’s tea was good but didn’t feel a strong taste in it. The nature walk was good. Felt really blessed to be observing the nature and living in the present moment. I got answers for one of my long pending question in my mind about creation. Truly unique and cannot be described in words. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
The food was sumptuous and every item tasted very good. Thank you for such a good food. The walk in nature is very pleasant though there is a cool breeze. I have noticed light purple, reddish colors which are beautiful and haven’t noticed before.
Food and Nature Walk Experience : Food was very gentle on stomach. Eating lots of fruits was very soothing. Sriram’s spinach dish was yummy. Walk in the nature was very delightful. I looked at the seagull flying high and was admiring how it is flying Fearlessly. All plants looked fresh and I saw beautiful pink flowers laying down on the floor which looked like a pink carpet. I even forgot that I completed the apple and was enjoying the nature.
My heart was heavier when thinking of the sorrow situation. Filling the ball with love and happy energy was beautiful. While bringing the filled energy down immediately my heart felt at peace. Wonderful wonderful technique.
It was really superb. I felt happiness immediately as the positive energy and love energy was brought into my body. For the sorrow situation, I couldn't really feel the complete sorrow feeling when I thought about it. After doing the meditation I wasn't interested to go to that thought. I was enjoying in the love and positive energy. Thank you very much Anna.
Sun (Golden) Meditation Experience : It was very good. Very pleasant feelings after the exercise. Found it very hard to even recollect the sad memories. Before the meditation the impact of sad memory was 40%. After the meditation it was gone.
The entire experience was wonderful. Connecting the ovaries to the Earth was gentle. When bringing down the Divine energy to center of head, throat etc. I could feel the gentleness of the energy but at the same time my body felt firmer. Bringing down again and again was so beautiful. Running the energy from ovaries to center of the head was beautiful feeling, gentle and firm. Once the female energy was filling the entire body and every cell of the body it was so gentle and peaceful throughout. Even after removing the chord from ovaries the gentleness of the energy could be felt.
I could literally feel the energy throughout my upper half of the body intensely. First time I had moved the energy from center of head to throat, solar plexus, navel and reproductive organs. After the exercise is complete felt like the abdomen area is very much filled with energy. So when breathing in and out felt the stretch of abdomen. Could not feel the impact of removing grounding chords. When circulating the energy across the body felt more heavier (over legs) and grounded.
Grounding: On bringing down Divine Energy and storing it, the reproductive area was becoming brighter and brighter. Circulating the energy and storing was effortless. Spreading the energy throughout the body - made the body bright and "complete". Again everything was at peace.
Felt at peace. Deep silence. Experienced certain energy, don't know how to describe.
I haven't had any thoughts during the prayer and meditation. It was peaceful.
Thank you Vijay for teaching us this course and for letting us know about Goddess Pratyangira Devi. Chanting Bija mantra was great. Felt calm and peaceful.
It was a good experience. The sound of Ksham reverberated in my ears for sometime. In the chanting of Gayatri mantra, I couldn't pronounce the words properly in beginning and after few times I felt happy to hear one voice of the mantra.
Prayer: Prayer with Pratyankara Devi Gayatri mantra followed by "Shum" chanting was very good. I felt all cells in my head were vibrating while chanting "Shum" mantra. Pratyankara Devi Gayatri mantra chanting brought a determined focus and calmness to the mind.
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