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Overall Course Feedback : It was a well organized; full of creativity at the same time reflecting on the virtuous living concepts. Very much enjoyed.
Individualized Energy Blessings/Attunement : I felt a lot of energy from the back. I experienced both positive & negative thoughts at the same time. I thought about a person to forgive and it brought back more energy.
Mental attunement : I felt warmth over my head. Initially the head felt heavier but later energy probably stabilized and head became light as if some block is removed from head. Heart attunement : I felt tremendous heat and the portion below throat to spine felt light. Energy was very loving and it is perfect lightness, which I wanted to carry on. In sub-conscious attunement on forgiving a person, I felt little pressure to slight pain in shoulder initially but as energy moved forward it subsided and everything became light and gentle. In fact pain in spine is at level 4, although I started class with 9 on scale of 1-10. Loads of gratitude for powerful attunements.
Very good to get clear and concise picture of affirmations. Wordings are itself powerful. Just by reading; it was giving joyous feeling. As the teacher said, key is following daily for 21 days. Thanks a lot sir for such a fantastic presentation.
Simple affirmation and practically worded. I was able to feel the power of the affirmation. Feeding energy to positive thing and building a strong will is the excellent way indeed!
I forgive Vijay for the scolding I received; although I knew they were for good but somehow they were residing; as I felt awkward, frustrated and embarrassed sometimes. After this step, I don't know where I am sitting. It was complete amnesia until Vijay did click in front of me. SIMPLY AMAZING EXPERIENCE.
Forgiving oneself : I imagined one of the situation in my past; felt white light ball on heart, followed all the steps. When white light was spreading felt rays flowing in blood, then diminishing. I tried the same step again and it was complete bliss. Forgiving others :
Forgiveness Exercise : Forgiving self : i. The emotions (negative) when filling the heart was very heavy at heart region/chakra. ii. Whenever I think of white light, heart became lighter. iii. Forgiving self’s character is soothing and self-satisfying though lot needs to be done. Forgiving teacher : i. It was difficult to get those feelings initially but later I have got the feelings felt in heart chakra but could not do it much. ii. I felt a wave through the heart while holding the rays. Forgiving other person : i. The negative emotions are so much that the heart chakra is full of heaviness. ii. Difficult to visualize the white light on other person’s heart, but once visualized took time to maintain the contact. iii. Further cleansing (repeated) is required. iv. The heart was still heavy after the exercise.
Since it rained yesterday all the leaves were fresh and green color stood out more. The clouds were so fluffy and reminded me of cotton candy. As I was walking I could hear the sound of chimes gently following the breeze and could see the tree dancing to the music. It was like watching a musical. In one tree I could see some white flowers which reminded me of just some snow being drizzled as topping for the tree. Could see butterflies happily flying around the bushes. My stomach was full when I started walking, did not know how I could finish the apple. But the beauty of the nature was so mesmerizing that I realized I finished the apple and it was delicious.
Nature walk was very peaceful. Warmthness was a total surprise. Vastness of the sky was beautiful. Tall trees are calm and yet don't boast of their heights they have reached. Nature is conveying so much of information once we start understanding them.
The food was good and tasty. Having honey on fruits was nice and new taste. Also eating silently and observing the food while eating was a good experience.
WOW! what a great food. Eating fruits with Honey was excellent. Very filling and feeling very energetic. Also have very positive thoughts after the food. I wish everyday eating was like this. Thank you very much for the wonderful Amritham.
I had to go back to the chanting to write about the experience. There was nothing but vibrations when chanting. "NOTHING". The picture has so much energy after chanting. Vibrations can be felt top to bottom. I felt warmthness yet pleasant. Vibrations were very strong. Wonderful experience.
Meditation through writing "Ram" on Lord Hanuman was really wonderful. Slowly chanting "Ram" for every time I wrote Ram was very good. Whenever everyone's chanting combined it was really good. I felt vibrations more when the chants were together. When I closed my eyes, I could see Lord Hanuman the same way in the paper and I felt vibrations across my face and ears. It was very peaceful when I closed my eyes. I felt like seeing Hanuman again and again. Thank you Anna for showing this way of meditation. Thank you Lord Hanuman.
Meditation : Chanting & writing Ram on the Hanuman picture was very powerful. The creativity caught the attention and the complete focus was on Lord Rama & Lord Hanuman at the same time. It was a wonderful experience & a powerful meditation technique where the mind/body and soul were in sync. Doing it as a group increased the energy levels. Coloring the picture was great as I also got to explore my creativity within. Overall; it was the Creativity-Creativity combo package with a powerful meditation wrapped inside.
When brown energy was coming up from Earth to the base of the spine the energy was little solid. When white energy flowed from Divine it was so peaceful and the moment white and brown energy was mixing I could feel like rock instantly in the base of the spine. When yellow color energy flowed from Earth, it was solid but not very hard like brown. Light blue from Divine was blissful. Light blue mixing with yellow was solid yet gentle. Though it is only 40% yellow still I could feel the solidness. When the mixed energy was flowing through both loops it was very soothing but still felt grounded. Mixing Light blue with brown was different. Don't know to explain. But liked the Light blue and yellow mixing.
I felt the ground energy slowly raising into my body through the feet upto my spine. It was like filling up a bottle. For Divine energy, when I circulated the energy I saw it as a white light to a brown base. I got the thought of the agalvilakku during the Deepavali times. When I mixed the white Divine light and brown light, I wasn't able to feel much difference. It was mostly white. When we changed the color, I felt the mixture as green in color. I continuously felt vibrations in my head. Whenever I was getting Divine energy, the vibrations were stronger. For ground energy I felt vibrations in my back thighs and near tip of spine. I tried to mix the blue Divine energy and light brown earth energy but I was little slow and when you asked to breathe I stopped.
While meditation I was in complete silence state. I can't hear and feel anything. Flowers on my palms were weightless; infact I felt completely light(no weight). While assuming myself as flower, I first saw yellow and then prominently blue flower, which I also have in my hand. On going to 3rd eye region; I got a jolt and saw very very bright light. It was beautiful chanting Hanuman Mantra.
Beautiful blossoming of flowers was seen on all chakras. Lot of activity was felt on all chakras. Initially felt the flowers. But everything was one later. I was guided towards my third eye. When Vijay snapped, there was so much brightness and bliss. Lord's mantra chanting was so blissful and powerful. There was only one and all were with this ONE. Thank you. A true vacation indeed.
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