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In the mean time, I got the message that the next course will be offered by Lord Hanuman. I have no idea when the course will be offered and what will be it's contents, but I was told who will be the teacher. I'm excited very much as you are and let's pray for the blessings of Hanuman. Only through yearning for the divine, you can bring them closer to you. Never doubt, but trust and your life will be filled with divine.
I would like to thank once again the participants for their valuable comments and feedback. Ganesha wanted to convey that he enjoyed the course very much with you all. He was happy to see the trust in him. He showers his blessings on all of you. Now help your-"self " through the simple living and see divine in them and help others to see the same. Hope to see you all soon someother time. I enjoyed being the conduit of divine teachings!
Atma Namaste Vijay. I wanted to share with you what I would have missed if I had not taken the course you had offered. The key things that I would have missed out if I had not taken the course is: 1. Simple ways and simple approach to obtain peace in a short amount of time in our daily lifestyle. 2. The importance of grounding and beautiful and easy technique of grounding. 3. Importance of Prayer and effective ways of saying them. 4. Definitely appreciating GOD'S creation. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to take this course. You are a great teacher.
I still have more comments from the participants and could write for ever. But let me finish with the comment from a participant, who wrote as to what she would have missed if she hadn't attended the course for some reason:
Heard lots of birds chirping and saw very small birds to little bigger ones. While seeing the tiny pink flowers, reminded me of loving energy. Trunks of trees reminded me of grounding! Seeing the blooming flowers reminds me of chakras blooming! The difference between morning and now walk is I felt more relaxed and I felt to do more walks!
When I felt myself as light body, I felt lot of light flowing through me.
Very warm energy going into the heart and solar plexus chakra. It was very soothing.
Thanks! Again felt heat on energy transfer. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!. Felt connected Heart, head and above.
First of all meditation was wonderful. While going into the ajna chakra and with your chanting, I totally didnot feel my body. Blessing was beautiful. Giving and receiving. When you said you are just a light - amazing experience - felt like light. Thank you so much for the meditation.
Before attunement litle hard on focussing and sending energies down. After attunement it was very very easy to focus and send them down and more clarity. Giving energy to the center of the earth was wonderful as I always enjoy giving. Receiving is unexplainable. I was engulfed fully fully with love as it was wonderful to receive. It was like feeling hugged with love.
The energy was warm, loving and slowly I started feeling lots of love and meditative mode.
Heart Blessing Empowerment - I felt energy at the front side of the heart . It was very warm. It also felt like my heart got bigger and bigger as if like there was a pump at the back of the heart pumping more and more love.
Apple never tasted so good. From eating apple to observing nature, the trees gently nodding when you lookup , old tree bark / trunk reminding me of shedding off unnecessary thoughts very feeling was calming and pleasant. Forgettting about myself.
Felt like a blast of energy when chakras were being opened - specially at Navel. When trying to imagine dark green it already went to light green at ajna. Receiving grace light when transmitter placed hands over crown was intense. Felt more energy. Brilliant light when transmitting energy. It was brilliant.
Grounding is great! When I receive the energy, I instantly felt all my thoughts cleared and felt only energy, so much energy and all energy going all the way to the middle of the earth.
Thanks! Thanks! & Thanks! Felt like a big "waterfalls" gushing in boom through the head. Felt peace. On slowing down, saw a beam of light and felt it.
Noticed even the regular plants and flowers looked very special. So I stood for sometime and watched. Found more new flowers. Big trees with small and sharp leaves looked amazing.
It was my one of the best experience. It kindled within me innermost nature. Just for a fraction of a second I was reminded how I used to be one with all. Tear loaded eyes. Very close to my ultimate goal - a reminder.
OM GAM GANPATAYE NAMAHA! I felt like getting touched by Elephant's trunk on my head. I also thought of sitting on the lap of Lord Ganesha. As I thought more, I imagined everybody in this room, the entire building and the whole earth was sitting in his lap. I felt energized with Goose bumps.
Namaste! My heart felt thanks for making the course a huge success. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your 100% participation during the course. I would like to share some of your comments that you all gave during the course, so that other minds can be inspired by the positivity. Hopefully, they will be able to get the blessings of Ganesha and other angels like what you did during the course. I know everyone came to the course, thinking if they would ever feel Ganesha and other angels (or) would they see him only in pictures for the rest of their lives. Now i would let the comments of the course participants speak for themselves as to what they felt. Here you go.....
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