Testimonials – Surrender course feedback

When asked to go the moon, I was able to feel taking off like a rocket, but never saw anything. Coming back appeared to be real. Once I thought I saw Lord Muruga - again a glimpse.
Many times I was able to feel coming back to the body. I was trying and asking for help to feel and experience myself outside this body. I was able to feel myself outside but was not able to see. A few times, there was brilliant light in front of me. This was again a glimpse.
Travel to Moon : It was a beautiful experience. I have been a moon lover in the last few months and I have often stared at the moon and wondered how it will be at different times. This probably helped me when asked to travel to moon. I was like a spiderman; came out of my body and in one push jumped up high and flew towards the moon and I landed there. It was white sand all around. I was asking myself shouldn't I feel cold? But I was actually feeling warm there. I could see Mother Earth in blue and white as a really huge ball. It was a fascinating sight. I was easily able to land on the moon. I did have a lot of gravity. Probably all the grounding helped. In fact I went back and forth from Moon to Earth couple of times. It was a fun and joyful experience.
Maha Avatar Babaji : Where are you? I kept on looking for you. I searched for you inside the room as well as my thoughts went to Himalayas. I thought that I came in contact with you initially but I cannot recollect as I was tapped on my legs and I immediately got back to my body. This period could have been for 30 mins. The next time I was in a line of devotees waiting to get your Divya Darisanam. The line was not moving fast. I was constantly chanting the Babaji mantra and the songs played today. I could only see Bright white light. Slowly there was bright light all around. I realized that I am not standing but floating around in the line of devotees. Slowly I became aware that I was lying down and that the light above me was glowing brighter as well as the sun shining inside the room. The time was over and I was slowly noticing the chanting and songs becoming feeble. I was back to myself. After coming back to the body I was feeling stiffness in my left hand and shoulder but now it is gone. I think overall it was a beautiful experience. I'm sure myself i.e. my higher self had a great experience and might be able to benefit a lot from this wonderful experience. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Initially I felt very good. I felt the energy from Mahavatar Babaji at the chakras and when I requested for more energy I could really sense it. The Ajna chakra clearing, was stronger. I could not keep my head straight as I felt a bright light in front of me. I could sense all chakras rotating after completing them. The meridian cleaning was good. At the end of it I feel very light on my upper body. Great feeling. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience. Special mention about music. It was very Divine and elevated the state all throughout.
Chakras and Meridian were very clear and Babaji helped to feel them beautifully. when focus was on Basic chakra, there was energy flow to the feet. Was able to feel some of the meridians connected to the chakras. Thank you.
Chakras and Meridians clearing, balancing and aligning by Babaji : This is another wonderful experience I had with the grace and request to Babaji. I'm so grateful to be part of this course and experience. As soon as I closed the eyes and requested Babaji I immediately felt a jerk kind at throat. Ajna had a lot of activity and Crown. When started to go through each chakra individually I did not feel at Basic. Navel, Solar Plexus, Throat, Ajna, Forehead and Crown chakras all had activities except heart. The Throat, Ajna, Crown chakras had continuous activities throughout the exercise. When doing meridian clearing I had lot of activity throughout the body. THe legs had initially felt like energy coming up like waves from feet to upwards. Slowly legs became heavy and the feeling got much intense. Slowly the feeling spread to other parts of the body. The chest region had lot of waves going through. Both the hands had lot of sensations throughout and the fingers have felt very heavy and tingling sensation. The face had the maximum activity with forehead, nose both the sides of the face. Both the sides of the face felt numb after sometime. Heart, Solar plexus, Basic, Throat, Ajna, Crown all felt activity while cleansing. The cheeks had the sensation all along with a poking sensation. Thank you so much Babaji and Guruji, wonderful.
Music was soothing and very peaceful. It was very interesting when I had requested Babaji for a very strong connection to Earth's Star. It was unshakable : ) . Thanks again. Feeling very much at peace.
This is the strongest feeling I have had in any attunements. Both on the legs and on the upper part. Initially I felt like glued to the carpet when connected to the Earth's Star. Slowly the legs and thighs felt like rock solid with no movements. At some point I felt the goose bumps under the feet and below the knees for brief time. Energy has flown through the top of the head after connected to the Soul Star. There was a strong pull across the forehead above Ajna throughout the exercise. Initially I did not feel strong enough so visualized Babaji's beautiful picture and requested for more experience than things automatically became stronger. Thank you to Maha Avatar Sri Babaji.
Earth Star and Soul Star Meditation : I felt strongly grounded, my feet connected to the Earth Star. I also felt high energy and tingling sensation on top of the head. The music was soothing and brought me to the present state. Overall great experience. At the end felt my legs are heavy and my head feels slightly bigger.
Thank you Vijay and Mahavatar Babaji for this wonderful wonderful attunement. The moment I closed my eyes I could see outline picture of Babaji and was so bright. Felt wonderful tingling energy in my head. The moment when connected to Mother Earth there was overwhelming happiness. Chest was experiencing pain with joy. So much overwhelming happiness. Once you placed your hands the energy from head beautifully distributed everywhere and went down and made me feel more grounded. Music was Divine. Wonderful wonderful experience.
Thank you very much Anna. Thank you Babaji. Thank you Mother Earth. I was very eager to experience it. As soon as I closed my eyes and thanked Babaji and Mother Earth, I felt goose bumps like feeling going throughout my body. The song was very beautiful and the music was flowing in my two ears and vibrating more. I felt very happy and thankful and could feel something different at heart. I couldn't say how much strongly I felt. All over my body I constantly felt some energy. I felt right hand fingers were little numb.
Connecting to the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth : It was a blissful experience. For the first few minutes I was completely at the present moment with every cell vibrating to the music. I was able to visualize Babaji guiding me to the Heart of Mother Earth. Vijayji's energy and the music helped me and made the road to center of Mother Earth's heart easier to reach. Once at the center of the Earth's heart chakra it was totally blissful experience. I could not describe in words but felt no parts of my body but my heart growing. At the end of it I came back to my body with Babaji bringing me back to where I was with the help of Vijay and music.
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