Apr’16 Feeding the Cow Event

In this volunteering event, we have to feed the cow, milk the cow and visited other parts of the farm. This event happened at Hidden Villa farm.

2 Responses to “Apr’16 Feeding the Cow Event”

  1. Priya Says:

    Feeding the Cow event was just an amazing experience. I really enjoyed feeding Cleo. She was very gentle and she enjoyed eating leaves. Cow provides us with milk etc. all the time. This was our turn to thank the cow by feeding her. It was a very soulful experience. It was nice to see kids feeding and caring for the animals.

  2. Sriram Natarajan Says:

    The feeding the cow event was always a joyful experience. I had great time feeding the cows, sheep, and chickens. After the feeding event, we enjoyed a good home made snack by Priya and Anu. Overall a great experience. Thank you D2D for organizing this event.

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