Nov’13 Feeding the cow event

This event is feeding the cow at Hidden Villa Farm in Los Gatos.

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  1. Sriram Says:

    This month’s event was my first Feeding the cow experience and it was a great and enjoyable. The place itself was filled with beauty of nature (like mountains, birds, trees with fall colors and sun setting on top of the mountain) it made me feel happy. Then we met Vida the cow. The instructor and all our group members helped to me to milk the cow. Vida also bared with me. Then we fed her with hay and she happily ate them. Thanks to Guru for giving me opportunity to participate in this event.

    - Sriram

  2. Varadacharyulu Says:

    We went to Feeding the Cow today. The event was done on my birth day; hence I derived more happiness from that event. We all did feeding, brushing the skin of the cow to make it happy. It is a different experience and we have felt by feeding of cow, we have served the Gods in the Cow. While we are milking, the cow was very cooperative and silent. After the feeding we have met a flock of sheep, touched the lavender bushes flowers. Next we ate the snacks in a place in the farm itself. I want to thank all.

    - Varadacharyulu

  3. Venu Says:

    Feeding the cow always makes me feel at peace. With Guru’s presence it was even lively. Even though it was little chilly, it was pleasant. The instructor took us through the regular process of explaining how-to-milk-the-cow. Vida seem to be getting used to the day light savings time change, but it was very co-operative. We had a very good experience milking as well as feeding the grass. I thank each and everyone who have put effort in making this program a great success.

    - Venu

  4. Surya Kumari Says:

    Today I participated in the Feeding the Cow event. It was good. We fed Cow, milked Cow and also did light massage to Cow. It made me feel very happy. I felt farm people were taking good care of the Cow. The atmosphere in and around the farm was awesome. This time Guru also joined us for Feeding the Cow, so it was very good. I want to thank you all D2D members for giving me this opportunity.

    - Surya Kumari

  5. Usha Says:

    I thank Guru for giving me this opportunity. It was so nice. This is the second time I am participating in this event. I can’t forget the Vida cow. I enjoyed milking the cow and touching Cow with lots of love. The natural scenery in the farm was unforgettable. Everything there (including taste of Persimmon fruit) was wonderful

    - Usha

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