Mar’14 Feeding the cow event

This event is feeding the cow at Hidden Villa Farm in Los Gatos.

3 Responses to “Mar’14 Feeding the cow event”

  1. Venu Says:

    The experience was wonderful. The day was so pleasant and we also saw 2 rainbows. It was like welcome from Mother Nature to the event. Today we milked the cow Vida and we fed her. Since there were few kids in our group, the instructor has allowed us to feed other animals in the farm. I felt the calmness when I fed the Cow.

    - Venu

  2. Anu Says:

    Feeding the Cow event was very good today. I enjoyed nature very much. The farm looked fresh and calm in the rain. We fed, patted and milked the Cow Vida. Two junior volunteers (our kids) joined us today. They also enjoyed it very much. I am happy that they are also part out event today.

    - Anu

  3. Sriram Says:

    The Feeding the Cow experience was great. It was raining today so we were welcomed to the farm with 2 beautiful rainbows by Mother Nature. Then we patted Vida and milked her. We then fed her and also got to feed sheep. This is the 2nd time am doing this event and I liked every part of the event. We had kids for that event and they enjoyed it very much. Watching the rainbows and feeding the animals was very joyful for the kids.

    - Sriram

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