Apr’12 Feeding the cow event

This event is feeding the cow at Hidden Villa Farm in Los Gatos.

4 Responses to “Apr’12 Feeding the cow event”

  1. Priya Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed feeding and milking the cow. This is my favorite activity. Cleo, the cow was very gentle and this time we got to feed her calf, Vida as well. I felt at peace when I fed and milked the cow. The place surrounded by nature and the weather being perfect made the experience more wonderful. Being with the gentle cow immediately brought more calmness within me.

    - Priya

  2. Sanjai Says:

    I enjoyed feeding the cow and milking it. Weather was good and location was great. There was peace and gentleness throughout the process. It was good to see the calf being super active. Calf’s hair stylist is great :)

    - Sanjai

  3. Anu Says:

    I felt so happy when I fed the cow and tried to milk it. The cow was very gentle and sweet. The atmosphere and small work we did gave so much peace to mind. Caring the cow made me feel good. I felt it was my turn to thank the cows that has been providing milk for me all my life. Thank you, Vijay for giving me this opportunity.

    - Anu

  4. Padma Priya Says:

    It was a cool experience to be at hidden villa. The pleasant atmosphere over there takes over our mind. I totally enjoyed milking the cow cleo and feeding foods to her calf vida. I will have to mention that even my one and half year kid loved the place. Thank you, Darshan2divinity for giving me such a great experience.

    - Padma Priya

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