Karate Kid (2010)

Work causes a single mother to move to China with her young son; in his new home, the boy embraces kung fu, taught to him by a master. Visit IMDB website for information about this movie.

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  1. Experience 1 Says:

    This movie clearly depicts the relationship between a teacher and a student. The characteristics of the student were shown in this movie. The key characteristics shown were – Discipline, Obedience and Respect. Discipline is the most basic requirement for a student. The teacher in this movie teaches discipline to the student by mainly asking him to practice a sing le activity over and over again. The obedience is shown when the student follows the instructions from the master by repeating the same activity for several days. Also, the student was taught how to respect the teacher. This was beautifully shown when the student asks teacher’s permission while entering the house every time. This movie shows how a teacher can be a friend and guide the student towards the goal. I have also learnt to never give up until it is really finished and give my best in any activity I perform.

  2. Experience 2 Says:

    This movie clearly displays surrendering to the Guru and trusting the Guru. The master asks the kid to practice picking up the jacket and hanging it up. Even though the kid thinks his master is making him to do this for nothing, he later realizes how important it was to do it. This part clearly displays Guru knows best and we have to trust and follow his instructions without doubt, whether it makes sense to us or not. Jackie Chan in this movie says “Empty your mind and focus” . This is exactly what my Guru always says to us. Empty all your pre – conceived ideas and focus on the teachings; then practice them. In the movie the kid notices that a lady is moving the way the snake is moving, and later clarified by his teacher that it is the snake that is copying the lady. This shows that if we follow all good things then others will follow it too by observing us. This reminds me of what my Guru always say, ” Change yourself and your surroundings will change too ” . The kid did not learn fast when he was always questioning his Guru. But once he stopped questioning and started to follow everything that his master had taught him, he learnt very fast. Even in Bhagavad Gita, you can see that Arjuna stops asking questions to Lord Krishna after some chapters. In the end during the tournament, teacher says it is not about winning or losing but it is about doing your best and doing the right thing. This addresses, “perform your duty without expecting the fruits of the actions” from Bhagavad Gita. Before, I have never viewed movies with the knowledge that we can learn so much from them. My Guru showed me this and watching the movie with Guru helps us to look into important messages from the movie.

  3. Experience 3 Says:

    There is so much knowledge in every frame of the movie and I might not do fu ll justice to comprehend them all in this summary; but here is my attempt to highlight the key scenes that created a lasting impact on me.

    Firstly, the scenes where Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) asks Dre (Jaden Smith) to practice removing the jacket, putting it o n, hanging it up repeatedly for number of days – We are all like Dre approaching life or anything new with our preconceived thoughts and when asked to do stuff we have our attitude or Ego which limits us from seeing things clearly & learning from life. This was very well portrayed in the movie. When Dre shows his frustration to Mr. Han that he had not learned anything after doing 1000 rounds of same thing; Mr. Han demonstrates him how strong his hands had become through the practice. That reminded me of a similar story Guru had taught us in Bhagavad Gita class. On a personal level, I feel that during tough times (like Dre where he had to overcome his fear), listening to the Master even though it does not make sense at that time is highly valuable as it gives us enough strength to overcome the fear in life. I have seen that in my life time and again through Guru’s wise advice. Another key thing I can relate to was that spirituality is not very difficult to achieve; it is not something different from life but it is part of life in everything we do. If we have the right attitude and open mind; we could learn from each and every experience in life, only if we are open to it.

    Secondly, when Mr. Han takes Dre to the top of the Dragon Well mountain, Dre looks at a woman moving exactly like a snake. He then tells Mr. Han that the woman is following the snake’s movement, to which Mr. Han says, “No. You did not see things clearly and the snake is following the movement of the woman”. The following example he shows with the reflection of face with water “when clear” vs. “when blurred” was excellent. We are often like that & are not able to understand the right & wrong because we are not looking at the life & its aspects clearly. The best part was when Dre questions how can the woman being clear in mind & calm can control the snake by doing nothing in action; to which Mr. Han replies – Being clear minded or calm & doing no action are two different things and not the same. That was very educative and it reminded me of the famous quote from Bhagavad Gita “He who sees the action in inaction & inaction in action is the highest Yogi ” . Here the woman & Mr. Han demonstrated that clearly they are the highest Yogi. What a way to learn that quote.

    Thirdly, there were many instances of the healing part in the movie which was used brilliantly to portray the power of a healing & its impact. I realized that external medicine helps to treat the physical body but healing helps the mental body and all the other subtle bodies; which is really the source of this physical body. If they are cured, then to cure this gross physical body is no difficult.

    Finally, I realized that Dre had a goal in his life and he had looked upon Mr.Han to help him achieve the goal. Though he had the initial attitude , his goal was stronger that he was quick to adapt, empty his mind & develop strong focus on the goal by only following Mr. Han’s teaching style (even though they were not formal like other Kung Fu). He even mentions this to his girlfriend when she was worried about her audition, that not to worry too much & just follow what your teacher says & you’ll be fine. This is great reference to the Guru Bhakti yoga. In Comparison to Dre, the difference in me is that I was not sure of the goal or what I want in life; let alone the focus. But after reading the Bhagavad Gita multiple times, the goal is clear i.e. to realize my own God self. The focus needs to be more and that has to come from within. There will be distractions in life; like Dre though he wanted to learn Kung Fu he couldn’t learn initially, until life presented him a situation to get better focus of the goal. Those will be the tough times like the kicking & hitting that Dre got. But if the desire towards goal is strong, God will come to help us in t he form of Guru to take us to the goal in His own style like Mr. Han. I will start developing the focus, empty my mind, follow the advice and will look for tough situations in my life as an opportunity to develop stronger focus towards the goal.

  4. Experience 4 Says:

    Spiritual teachings can be realized in the entire length of the movie starting from the title. May we call the movie the “Spiritual Kid” ? A student wanting to learn skills for wrong reasons is beautifully transformed when the right knowledge is provided. The knowledge and transformation is only possible through a Guru and that too for the right reasons. Great gurus don’t have to have several hundred disciples. They are happy even if they have 1 true disciple. This disciple is far greater than any of the hundred disciples. Before the lessons are taught by the Guru, the student exhibits what according to him are skills. The student shows off his skills and accomplishments. Only the Master knows that the student is showing off his ignorance. Unique and surprising are the ways great teachers teach, as always, not understood by an ignorant mind. Though ignorant, when the assigned tasks are performed, beautiful truth is revealed. It is in the simplicity one can naturally achieve great heights. Often simple ones (teachings, actions, living) are undervalued or ignored by ignorant mind. It is in the stillness do we know that our action is reflected on others. Even a snake calmly dances and reflects the Master’s movements. If our mind and actions are not pure, the reaction and actions which we see from others and surroundings reflect the same. It is not pure as well. “Emptying the mind” by itself has a profound meaning. Focus on the goal and nothing but the goal. Stop not until we reach Brahman. Greatest way to overcome fear or any obstacle is to face them with confidence. This is possible with the right knowledge and attitude. We always have a choice of picking the right path/way in all scenarios.
    Wasn’t the Guru compassionate when he saw his student’s suffering?
    Didn’t the ignorance bow towards goodness?
    Didn’t the Student address his Guru as his best friend?
    Didn’t my Guru teach all of the above and beyond this?
    Isn’t time to thank my Guru?
    Thank you Guru.

  5. Experience 5 Says:

    The movie Karate Kid was wonderful. Though I am in mid twenties, my actions and thoughts were very much like the 10 year old kid in the movie. There were many wonderful dialogues and scenes in the movie. In one such scene, Jackie Chan tells the kid that “You think with your eyes and that you don’t see the real person” . How true it is!!! I am a person who never really observes or understand people properly. If someone speaks well to me, I will see them as a great person even if they are not worthy of that. Likewise if someone scolds and corrects me, I will try to maintain a distance. Clearly I was thinking only with the eye until my Guru helped me understand this.

    In another scene, the kid would see a woman doing the same movements as the snake in front of her. Like the kid, I thought the woman is trying to follow the snake movements. But to my surprise, in the next scene Jackie Chan will tell that, the snake is the one following the woman’s movements. “When one is still in the mind and heart, then outside things wouldn’t disturb us. Rather they follow us.” When we think with eye, then the automatic question is that, “Should we be doing nothing?” Immediately the answer came in the next scene, “Being still is different from doing nothing” . Clearly they are different. Also in Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells the same thing that “Action is better than inaction”.

    The movie shows the glimpses of being mindful in life and certain dialogues helps us think about it. In the scene before the final match, Jackie Chan woul d tell to the losing kid that “Empty your mind and focus on the game”. The kid would be having lots of thoughts running in his mind about winning, fear etc, that he loses the first few rounds. Then he would empty his mind of all the thoughts and focus only on the game. He goes to the final and wins the Karate championship. If we relate it to our everyday life, we are feeding the mind with umpteen thousands/millions of thoughts and that the focus is lost in it. If we train our mind to be emptied of other thoughts and focus only on the goal, then we are sure to succeed.

    The climax has a beautiful line which goes like this, “When life knocks you down, you have a choice of either standing up again or falling behind.” One needs to watch the movie to understand it better.

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