The Celestine Prophecy (2006)

Based on James Redfield’s worldwide best-selling novel, The Celestine Prophecy is a spiritual adventure film chronicling the discovery of ancient scrolls in the rainforests of Peru. The prophecy and its nine key insights predict a worldwide awakening, arising within all religious traditions, that moves humanity toward a deeper experience of spirituality.  Visit IMDB for the more details on this movie.

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  1. Raghupathy Says:

    I had such great experience through participating and watching movie. Thank you for FOOD & LOVING each other . Specially thanks to Guru for caring everyone & explaining simple life by watching movies. Thank you for presenting the movie (The Celestine Prophecy) to watch with everyone. And thank you to Guru for explaining the movie based on our life. After watching this movie and when we think about our life, we might find similar coincidence. It also tells the invisible power around us. It is a wonderful & useful movie. And it is a time to think about where are we now in the life. God bless you for your great endeavor.

  2. Devraj Says:

    The movie experience was great. I learnt a lot from it. At times I used to think about what’s next, why we do all these and yesterday I got some help from Vijay anna to find an answer for that. I am sure I will find it one day. The movie showed everything about how to feel energy, how to share it and what the real evolution is. Vijay anna helped us to realize all these. When we shared our love I felt it and also felt how our energy really expands. The movie explains about nine prophecies and ends by saying there is no end to it. The one thing I loved the most in the movie was everything in our life happens for some reason that is connected to some other actions we have done before. I didn’t believe that we could be able to see visions of the future but when my new roommate said that he saw me in his dream, the house and he approached me for room I was awestruck just like in the movie. Thanks a lot for the great food. Thanks to the team and I am happy that I am a part of the connection.

  3. Sanjai Says:

    It was more than a dinner and a movie night. It was a perfect movie for a perfect group. It only gets better with someone who can provide great insight. Thanks to our Guru fo r providing this insight for a movie about insights. He did not stop there. He gave us certain experience. Completeness is what this movie watching experience gave me. The movie shows that there is an energy field around us and that one can see it. Our Guru helped and guided us to feel the energy with our palms and as well see the energy. Like in the movie we shared our love with others, the entire world, and the entire universe. The experience cannot be put in words. Each one of us has to experience this joy.

    The movie shows lots of coincidence of events. Coincidence is not new to our group. Things are happening for a reason. We don’t see the link just like the character John in this movie. The link is obvious when we watch the movie. But when it comes to sketching out the link in our life it may not be so easy. There are several such events happening in our life which we don’t see the same way when we watch the movie. It becomes obvious only when somebody who sees the beauty behind the events explains the connection to us. There was lots of coincidence that we observed when we gathered to watch the movie as well. Talking about beauty, the movie also talks about the real beauty. “Open up to see the world the way it is meant to be” is another message from thi s movie. The scene where John started seeing beauty in all the plants, mountains etc… just like St. Francis of Assisi, reminded me about oneness with all.

    “I did what I am supposed to do but I ended in a not so good situation.” This thought comes up just because our mind draws conclusion too soon without understanding the bigger picture. This was beautifully depicted in the movie when John follows his intuition but was arrested by the army. This event happened for good and the character John understands it later.

    Often there is struggle in our relationship with one another just because we tend to control others. This movie shows this and also provides a solution. Instead of controlling one another, provide love to others.

    When the receiver reciprocates it, the loving energy builds up. We evolve. When we evolve we help our surrounding evolve and thus the entire humanity evolves in love. This is the real transformation which our humanity requires now.

    The way the ninth scroll shows up and the way the scroll was read without knowing the language is truly amazing. The movie ends up saying that there is a tenth scroll when initially only nine scrolls were believed to be in existence. With God being infinite, there will always be room for us to evolve. This is shown by the message that there is tenth scroll.

  4. Ram Murali Says:

    First of all thanks to everyone for inviting me to the movie. Even though it started to me as a normal English movie where my express ion depends on the people sitting around me but at later stage I was able to feel the movie. To be true this is the first time ever to feel a movie in real life and all the credit goes to Vijay anna for showing the concepts in movie practically. The explanation given by him for coincidence was really awesome which made me feel that all coincidences mean a purpose to my life. The next interesting thing which caught my attention is feeling the energy within us. Even though I have not tried this in my life I always feel this stuff as stories which would be good to read. But the moment when I felt the energy between my hands it gave me a good confidence from within. It also thought me to believe from heart rather than mind. I was really happy when all the member s felt my love when I shared but felt little sad when I was not able to feel the love shared by them. Even though I did not understand the movie as much as others did I am happy that I was able to feel 3 of the 10 insights given in the movie which inturn made to believe in me. I thank Vijay anna and others from my heart for this wonderful experience.

  5. Bhanu Says:

    First of all I would like to take an opportunity to thank everyone who has participated in the movie. It wasfor the first time that I have watched a movie with lot of thinking involved. Movie has covered lots ofaspects related to life. Movie was so pleasing to watch. It all talks about the series of nine spiritualinsights on an ancient manuscript in Peru. The practical examples given by Guru and to feel the energy asshown in the movie were so amazing. I have learnt new thing, how to watch movies. I would definitelytry to watch good movies the way Guru has taught.

  6. Venu Says:

    This feedback is for the movie “The Celestine Prophecy”. The experience of watching this movie with Guru and other friends was very different at the same time, we had lot of fun experimenting some of the concepts shown in the movie. There is one broader message I have got from this movie – God has many ways to guide us to the destination. This was shown through various ways. One message which really stood out, out of all the messages given was – Do not think that events will happen “simply” without any reason. This movie starts with what looked like a bunch of “coincident” incidents, but later it all lined up and perfectly makes sense for John. This is in direct correlation with the incidents that takes place in our lives. While watching the movie I have realized how a person who is caught up in this mundane world will not realize the significance of each event happening around. We always think why this event had to happen to me. God has innumerable number of ways to convey the message and guide us through our lives. We are only unable to realize the significance of each event and interpret the inner meaning of it. The significance of giving to others is beautifully showed when Will (one of the character in the movie) started to give love. The act resulted in amplified love back to Will and likewise everyone in this world can evolve together. This message essentially translates to showing love to fellow humans in our daily lives. Guru made us understand the inner meanings for each scene beautifully. Energy connection between the index fingers shown in the movie was made lively by an exercise guided by Guru. Thank you so much to Guru for explaining patiently every concept from the movie. Without Him it would be impossible to understand the inner meaning.

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