The Da Vinci Code (2006)

A murder inside the Louvre and clues in Da Vinci paintings lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years — which could shake the foundations of Christianity. Visit IMDB for more details on this movie.

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  1. Experience 1 Says:

    This movie clearly shows that “Holy Grail” is not what most of us think what it is. It is not simply a vessel which Jesus used. After the movie, our Guru read a few pages from the book “The guardians of the Holy Grail”. This book further reveals that the “holy grail” existed ever since the beginning of earth.

    In the movie, the Star of David was shown as symbolizing the unity of male and female energy. This star is associated with Lord Muruga. A lot of information regarding Lord Muruga was seen in the book which our Guru read to us. The symbol also shows that the Divine and earth energy within us needs to be in right balance.

    We are so fond of finding the root of something like “Holy Grail”. Finding the lineage appears to be important. Likewise we all want to find our true origin. First step is to understand that we are not the body and then to discover that we are really soul. If only we spend time to find our origin we will find the Parabrahman. The movie shows one group wanting to destroy the evidence of lineage of Christ. One group is attempting to protect the lineage, at any cost. Earth keepers are within us. They provide the necessary energy to mother Earth and help in the process of spiritual growth.

    The movie reminds me about the different levels of truth. The picture of Jesus with his disciples showed no sign of the Grail. Also on close examination, the movie shows that one of them happened to be wife of Jesus. How did the hero find the true place where Jesus’ wife was laid down? Is he going after this for proof?

  2. Experience 2 Says:

    What I know about Holy Grail before watching this movie is that it is a sacred cup used by Lord Jesus.

    That’s all. I did not even know there was a story about Lord Jesus being married to Mary Magdalene and a possibility of existence of a blood line of Jesus Christ. It was a very fast moving movie with so many messages in it. It was interesting how Sophie Neveu with the help of Robert Langdon discovers the bloodline of Lord Jesus Christ and how this secret is protected by a group of people called Priority of Sion. Leonardo Da Vinci and Sir Isaac Newton also belonged to this group. Also, Star of David symbol (same as star symbol for Lord Muruga) is explained in this movie as male being represented by the upper part of triangle and female being represented by the inverted triangle. It was also interesting to see how Sophie Neveu heals Robert Langdon of his Claustrophobia. All she had to do is to believe in her that the power lies within.

    After watching this movie our Guru brought out a book to read to us. Guess what would be the title of the book. It is called “Guardians of the Holy Grail”. Wow!!!! ! Now let’s see what was inside the book. I thought Guru would be reading more about Holy Grail. Our jaws opened wide in amazement when he read about “Lord Muruga” from the book. And he also read about the founder of Kauai Hindu Monastery temple, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Again the title of this book is “Guardians of the Holy Grail”. Our Guru was mentioning you need “lifetimes” not one lifetime to understand the real meaning of Holy Grail.

  3. Experience 3 Says:

    The Da Vinci Code is a movie about seeking the truth, the truth of Holy Grail. I came to know about the word Holy Grail only after watching the movie. It shows many other interesting points which are Star of David and Guardians of Holy Grail.

    The Holy Grail is not just a vessel; it is not even the holy blood line as they showed in the movie. The real meaning of Holy Grail is still not clear to me. But the Holy Grail exists even before the Christ and he is also one of the guardians of Holy Grail.

    The Star of David is a symbol of male and female. It is made up of the blade (male) and chalice (female). It shows if the male and female energies are balanced, it will be peaceful. The star is also the symbol of Lord Murugan, who is a guardian of Holy Grail.

    The movie tells about a group called Priory of sion, a group which protects the truth about Holy Grail, this can be related to Earth keepers or peace keepers who really exist. They protect this Earth with their powers.

    First glance of this movie looks like that they are trying to show that Jesus Christ is not God, but it is not true. In the end, the hero tells about his childhood experience with Lord Jesus. He got into trouble and with no one for help, he prayed to Jesus. With his faith, he was able to over come the trouble. He then says that “who else other than Jesus helped me in the troubled times?” This proves that the film believes Jesus as God.

    This is something I understood about this movie with my knowledge and with Guru’s help there may be much more that I will know.

  4. Experience 4 Says:

    What I understood from this movie is that “Holy Grail” is Jesus Christ’s bloodline. The movie revolves around finding the lineage of Jesus Christ. One group tries to prove t here is a lineage for Jesus Christ and another group tries to protect the evidence. During this journey there were lots of messages being given, which I will understand better by watching it again. What I understood was Leonard Da Vinci used his painting to convey messages and communicate with their group in case any information needs to be shared. He is one of the “masters” of this group.

    The message, which got clear to me after our Guru read the “Guardians of Holy Grail” book, was that, “The Last Supper” picture (drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci again) in the movie shows half male, half female indicating Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. This is similar to the King of the World, Lord Muruga, who has both male and female energies too.

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