The Last Airbender (2010)

The story follows the adventures of Aang, a young successor to a long line of Avatars, who must put his childhood ways aside and stop the Fire Nation from enslaving the Water, Earth and Air nations. Visit IMDB for more details on this movie.

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  1. Experience 1 Says:

    While watching the trailer of this movie, they showed the Avatar and I felt something mystical about this movie. I was eager to watch it. It was a wonderful movie and it left me feel mystical and the messages touched me. Then I watched this movie second time with my Guru and our group. What a difference it made by watching with Guru. Let me share with you what I learnt watching the movie by myself and watching it with Guru. Watching the movie by myself: This movie beautifully showed that spirit world does exist and it is accessible. It beautifully shows the characteristics of Avatar. Avatar says he has not been trained fully to be an Avatar. He only learnt air bending and did not get a chance to learn the bending of the other three elements (water, earth and fire). This shows that by controlling his senses and elements he becomes an Avatar. It reminds me of what I learnt in Bhagavad Gita about senses. The importance of Avatar is shown when they say that Avatar can change hearts and this is the best way to win all wars. It also shows how Avatar seeks guidance from the Dragon spirit. I wondered what the significance of the Dragon is? This movie also talks about rebirth, previous incarnations and soul. The princess of the Northern water tribe would say in the end that her soul will no longer exist in this form. I would not have even given importance to these topics if I had not got a chance to learn Bhagavad Gita and experience of watching movies with my Guru. It was also interesting how fire nation prince Zuko’s uncle makes fire out of nothing. All benders had to use elements from outside to perform bending. This shows that the power is within and not outside.

    Watching the movie with Guru:

    Little did I know there were so many messages in this movie? That’s why we need a Guru to explain it to us.


    In the movie they say “Ground is an extension of who you are”. What are they talking about? I did not have a clue. Guru then explains the connection of doing grounding to this statement. Wow!!!! We do grounding technique daily as a practice and with understanding how it helps us. But there is much more to it.

    Dragon Spirit:

    I was very eager to learn about the significance of Dragon. When Guru mentioned Dragon represents the higher-self it was very interesting. Here they beautifully show how your higher-self guides you once you are aligned with it and seek guidance. If an Avatar is seeking guidance from his higher-self then it clearly shows what we should be doing too. This reminds me of what my Guru always said to me. Your best guide is your higher-self. But we need a Guru to make us be aware of our higher-self and guide us to be aligned with our higher-self.

    The order of Air, Water, Earth, Fire and our D2D Courses:

    It was interesting when Guru pointed out the similarity of how the Avatar had to learn bending of the elements in an order (air, water, earth, fire) and how we also learnt D2D courses in an order (Manifestation, Forgiveness, Fearlessness, Surrender).

    Fire nation, machines and the swell of water:

    It was interesting when Guru mentioned the connection between all these and what they represent. The Dragon spirit guides Aang (Avatar) to use the ocean. To drive the fire nation away, Avatar makes the water in the ocean to rise very high (like Tsunami). This explains why we are experiencing tsunamis. We are all aware that the next Avatar of Vishnu is Kalki Avatar and in Buddhism they say Maitreya Buddha is the next Avatar. And also we are all aware that we are nearing the end of Kali Yuga. What is it got to do with fire nation and machines? Right now we are in a world where we are often threatened by nuclear weapons. What are they made up of? The answer is Metals. What are the machines made up of in the movie? The answer again is Metals. That’s why before an Avatar could incarnate, the world gets cleaned up of these metals through Tsunamis and other natural calamities. What a connection?

  2. Experience 2 Says:

    This Universe is made up of five elements – Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Sky. There will be a balance when all these elements are in harmony. If even one of these elements goes out of balance, the whole Universe will go out of balance. Th is movie is about a Spiritual Master who is the master of all the four elements – Air, Water, Earth and Fire. The Spiritual Master is, The Avatar. When one of the four elements tries to dominate the world, with the guidance of spirit world, Avatar becomes powerful and helps the water kingdom to survive.

    Following is what I have understood from this movie:

    a) All these elements exist within our body too – Our body is up to 90% filled with Water; Air is the Prana; we are connected to Mother Earth and lastly the Fire element is compared to our thoughts, desires and wishes. We need to maintain balance between all the four elements without which our body will lose the equilibrium. This was beautifully shown in this movie, as the Fire nation tries to dominate, the harmony is lost. But God himself comes down for maintaining peace and harmony through teachers, Avatar and many different forms.

    b) Take the help of Divine for any activities you do in your daily life. Divine will guide you seamlessly. This was again showed when Avatar meditates to find a solution to save the Northern Tribes of water kingdom.

  3. Experience 3 Says:

    The movie was not just a visual treat but reflects some of the higher truth. This movie answers interesting questions like the following.

  4. Who is an Avatar?
  5. Why/When is an Avatar required?
  6. What is an Avatar’s duty?

    This movie also introduces the concept of various basic elements – Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The fifth element “Akash” is not explicitly talked about in this part. Avatars have mastered their senses. Also, all the elements are balanced in them. The movie beautifully shows that an Avatar comes to restore peace on Earth. Avatar does so by ruling the hearts of mankind. Ruling the hearts means winning with Love. How beautiful it is to restore peace by Love and not by force (like war)? It was beautiful to see how various objects/elements respect the Avatar. Water represents emotions. Acceptance is the key. The Avatar was shown having trouble mastering Water-bending art. Once he accepted his destiny, he was able to master the art. Indeed the Avatar learns the art of water bending from water benders. But the difference between a regular water bender and Avatar was very apparent. Who else could lift the water from ocean to 100s of feet? The Avatar builds this 100 feet wave but does not use it to kill the army men. Fire within us represents the Kundalini energy. Needless to say, our body is made of mostly water. Grounding techniques helps us bring in the ground energy. The Avatar is shown to contact the dragon spirit. This is the Avatar’s higher self. The dragon guides the Avatar. The Avatar meditates to communicate with the dragon. The Avatar is shown to enter a cave. This reminds me of meditating on the blue-pearl to connect to one’s self. Why is the movie relevant now?
    – Is the 100 feet wave saying something? Tsunami.
    – Is the fire nation’s war saying something? War seen in the recent times.
    – How about the fire? How many volcano eruptions reported?
    – How many earthquakes?
    Is this a coincidence? Is it time for an Avatar?

    What happens if the elements are not balanced is well illustrated. The dominance and not going by the spirit creates war. The same happens in our body as well. An imbalance of the elements creates disease. There is war happening within us. Peace is lost. When a balance is created, everything is in harmony and there exists peace and love within oneself. When peace and love exists within oneself, the community finds the same, the city, the state, the nation and the world experiences this as well. When we establish the balance, we become an Avatar as well.

    Also from the moon and ocean spirit we need to learn to be simple and humble. When the fish with moon spirit was killed, the princess did not hesitate to pass her life to the fish for moon spirit. Self-less sacrifice is amazing.

    Eager to watch and understand the rest in this series.

  7. Experience 4 Says:

    The Last Airbender was a very good movie with lots of messages. Four of the five elements were shown in the movie Air, Water, Earth and Fire. The way the Avatar was chosen as a person who can control the 4 elements is similar to how a Dalai Lama is chosen.

    From the movie two things stood out for me. One is the Avatar struggling with his emotions and could not properly do water bending. When he let go of his emotions, he was able to raise the water level as high as tsunami with his water bending. In one of the scenes, the water b ender master will tell the Avatar that flow like water. In any part of life, if we are very much emotional then it stops us from growing or even doing anything properly. We should let go of the emotions to grow further.

    The other one is the scene where the Uncle of Fire nation’s Prince will tell that the Fire nation’s Chief General has got no sacredness. The Chief General will kill the Moon spirit without even realizing about him and about the higher spirits that help them. He was blinded by the power and desire of controlling all the nations. Similarly, we do not understand our own self, the supreme Divine who guides us in every path. We go behind all sorts of power, money, job, success etc and ignore our self and the Divine from our lives.

  8. Experience 5 Says:

    The last air bender movie tells mainly about the balancing of the four elements (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire) to make the world peaceful and a happy place. When these four elements are out of balance, avatar will come to balance them with the help of sprits. Once upon a time this world used to be peaceful because all the people used to live with each other’s help and coordination. Most of them are able to bend any one natural element. Avatar (who is symbol of universal teacher) is able to bend and control all natural elements and he helps to keep the balance in the world. Suddenly he disappears and slowly Fire benders start controlling all other people. Then Again Avatar will come and start rebuilding the peace.

    The Avatar starts learning Water bending in this movie, because Water comes next to Air in sequence. Since he already mastered the air bending he moves to the next to element. But until he let go of his emotions he won’t be able to master water bending skills. This is applicable to our life also, the spiritual development is only possible if we start accepting the things as it is and by letting go of all the emotions. Avatar learns that he should not hurt anybody and he shouldn’t be angry also, these are true for everyone.

    Another point which touched me in this movie is, the sacrifice of the princess of Northern water tribe. She gives up her life to give energy to moon spirit. She is very happy to sacrifice her life for others which is very hard to do.

    This movie symbolically shows the upcoming changes that are really going to happen in this world in near future.

    It is a wonderful experience to watch this movie. Every time we watch we will get a new meaning.

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