The Passion of the Christ

A film detailing the final hours and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Visit IMDB website for more details.

3 Responses to “The Passion of the Christ”

  1. Experience 1 Says:

    The movie was very powerful. I felt as if I were witnessing the times of Jesus. When Jesus was questioned by the Governor that “I have the power to crucify you or to let you free” and to that Jesus reply was “You don’t have any power over me and you can only do what my Father had given to you”. From that point on my half – filled cup with pre – conceived thoughts were broken and I began to see & witness the movie as reality. This movie taught me that to love the ones who love us is not difficult but to love and pray for our enemies is a rare thing to do. Love is powerful but by developing love and compassion, one may go through troubles or tough times like how Jesus had to suffer bodily injuries. But in spite of troubles, if we continue to love & forgive others like Jesus did without retaliating or giving up; we will take the sins of those ignorant people. This is also one of the highest service we could do our people. But it is not easy task and only people like Jesus could do who had an unshakable faith in the Truth. I have got tremendous strength after watching the movie and more confidence in the Truth.

  2. Experience 2 Says:

    Thank you to my Guru for asking me to watch this movie. Lord Jesus was full of love that he went through all the pains and still sought God for the forgiveness of the people. I never really knew about Lord Jesus, but with this movie, I was able to get closer to him. Now I have a great respect for Lord Jesus.

    There is so much to learn from this movie. The first thing that stuck me is the betrayal of Judas and Peter. As a movie watcher, I felt very bad about them as they were so unfaithful towards a great teacher like Lord Jesus. But when I reflect upon my life, I can clearly see mirror images of Peter and Judas in many of my actions. I always complain about not getting the good teachers, professors in my education. But this incident shows that there are actually very least number of students who are faithful and worthy of getting a good teacher.

    In one of the scenes, Lord Jesus will tell that “One could reach the Father only through me”. My immediate question was how can Jesus claim only himself as the way to God? But after some time, thinking about Bhagavad Gita I was able to understand the meaning. It is that only through a Guru/Teacher one can reach the God. And it is true for everything as without a teacher, one cannot understand things or grow as a better person.

  3. Experience 3 Says:

    This movie clearly shows the ignorance of the people who did not realize that God lived as a fellow human, one among them. Due to their actions, they not only lost the God among themselves, but a true preacher, who asked people to “love the enemies in the same way they love their loved ones“. Both King Herod Antipas and King Pilate could not find fault with Jesus in their trial. But the people and the priests are the one who forced the crucifixion – showing the sheer ignorance. These people have not realized the value of Jesus, when he was alive and did not believe his words. This movie tells us, God is among us in many forms. It is our ignorance which doesn’t allow realizing the God among us. We are unable to appreciate the grace and existence of God.

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