Lend a Hand @ MedShare – San Leandro

This activity is related to packing the medical supplies to the needy. MedShare collects the unused but yet new medical equipments from various hospitals across Bay area. As volunteers we will help MedShare categorize, label and pack these medical supplies. These supplies will be sent to any country that is in need of medical supplies. MedShare also sends various big medical equipments as well to the hospitals across the globe.

6 Responses to “Lend a Hand @ MedShare – San Leandro”

  1. Sanjai Says:

    It was very good. Somebody’s trash is somebody else’s treasure. This was vivid with today’s activity. It was surprising to see the amount of work the volunteers can do. The entire organization was based on volunteers. The warehouse was huge and filled with several thousands of boxes ready to each the needy. Thank you, volunteering team.

    - Sanjai

  2. Devraj Says:

    It was great experience. I enjoyed a lot. Sorting different medical equipment and packing it for the needy clinics and hospital was great . I would like to participate again definitely. Thank you all for giving this opportunity.

    - Devraj

  3. Muthukumar Says:

    It was wonderful as usual. I liked working as a group. I got to know how many countries are in need for basic medical aid. It was a wonderful feeling that I can help these people. Thank you so much for organizing the activity.

    - Muthukumar

  4. Venugopal Says:

    It was a very good feeling volunteering at MedShare. I have really enjoyed the activity thoroughly. The fact that the medical supplies we have sorted are touching lives in 90+ countries is amazing.

    - Venugopal

  5. Bhanu Says:

    It was a wonderful experience at MedShare. It was an excellent effort that we have put in to volunteer at MedShare through HOBA. Overall I had spent my time in lending hand for who are in need. It is a great satisfaction for me personally. I came to know about basic equipment that a hospital requires during their day to day process.

    - Bhanu

  6. Karthik Says:

    It was a very good experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that our service is being of help to people around the globe was one thing I enjoyed. It also taught me to be grateful for all that we have and help, serve others more. I am looking forward to participating in more of such activities.

    - Karthik

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