Volunteering at Almost Eden Garden

Bay Area food pantries struggle to provide nutritious food for the local homeless and low-income population. The Almost Eden Garden Project grows premium-quality organic produce for several local organizations that provide meals and services for homeless and low-income families. It strives to grow quality produce organically and sustainably. It grows vegetables like collards, kale, Swiss chard, tomatoes, cucumbers etc and flowers. [1]

This D2D volunteer event is to serve Almost Eden Garden Project in a small way possible for us through activities like watering, pruning, harvesting and other activities as needed.  Check below for the  experience of participants through comments and photos.

 [1] – Source from http://www.almosteden.org/about.html


5 Responses to “Volunteering at Almost Eden Garden”

  1. Sriram Natarajan Says:

    The volunteering today was very good. We did mulching in the garden. We had a good physical workout doing the event. I felt good in the harvest that garden has got. I enjoyed working with the D2D team and will recommend doing this event in future.


  2. shankar Natarajan Says:

    Great satisfaction in working at the Farm. It was a good physical workout. Very impressed to see the harvest and feel more thankful to the farmer community.

  3. Sanjai Athi Says:

    I enjoyed today’s event very much. I am volunteering at this place after sometime. It was nice to see how well the place/garden has transformed. It was very nice to see young children volunteering at this event. I also enjoyed the discussion about significance of volunteering before this event. By helping others we are helping our self. This is not apparent but so true.

  4. Vijay Gurusamy Says:

    It was a great experience to be with nature once again. Creating a pathway converting waste to something useful is another symbolic representation of spirituality…purifying the spirit. So its a fun filled spiritual experience among the beautiful roses, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, mustard and pumpkins. Serving the garden of God with love, peace and happiness was very serene to the mind and enriching experience to the Soul.

  5. N. Sukumaran Says:

    It was a good experience to be with nature once again after a long time. Thanks for the opportunity given.

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