Volunteering at Full Circle Farm

This activity in related to organic farming. We are volunteering here to collect the vegetables that were grown by this farm, prepare the compost and beds for the plants.

4 Responses to “Volunteering at Full Circle Farm”

  1. Sriram Says:

    It was a nice experience. The weather was pleasant in the morning with gentle breeze; it was perfect to work in a farm. We harvested okra, broccoli and beans. I also got to know how okra will grow.

  2. Surya Kumari Says:

    Today’s volunteer work was very good. While I was working I was able to focus more on it. For first time I forgot everything. I felt so happy. I love plants a lot, so I enjoyed being with them. I would like to participate again in this work. I don’t have any suggestions.

  3. Venu Says:

    The volunteer activity was very good. I have enjoyed picking up okra and broccoli bunches. It was good when we were assigned to pick up as there was no one at that time. Picking up okra made me aware of how this vegetable grows.

  4. Anu Says:

    I enjoyed thoroughly today’s volunteer activity. Morning when we entered the farm weather was good and we are asked to pick okra. After that we picked broccoli and dry beans. I liked to be with plants. I felt relaxed after work.

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