Volunteering at Full Circle Farm – May 14th, 2016

This activity in related to organic farming. We are volunteering here to collect the vegetables that were grown by this farm, prepare the compost and beds for the plants.

2 Responses to “Volunteering at Full Circle Farm – May 14th, 2016”

  1. Sanjai Athi Says:

    Today’s event was good. We cultivated the land. The guide at Full Circle farm gave the students an introductory talk before doing the task. I think not many would have attempted to tell the message which he wanted to tell the students. He was questioning whether we took our time to observe the nature around us and what it was teaching. Among others he also wanted the students to take time to know what they really want to be.

    In the task assigned to us, we were joined by a person who was graduating from high school in the near future. He was asking us about what we do as an organization. We covered almost all the activities we do at D2D though most of the discussion started casually by this person. His thought process was very good for his age. He was very open and honest about his opinion. Though the land we were ploughing was little hard, I enjoyed talking about life and its essentials which made the task not difficult.

  2. Muthu Says:

    Today’s volunteer event was a wonderful experience. It’s a good day to work in the sun along with the nature. Especially the knowledge from Mohamad. It made my day. Thanks D2D.

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