Volunteering at MedShare

This activity is related to packing the medical supplies to the needy. MedShare collects the unused but yet new medical equipments from various hospitals across Bay area. As volunteers we will help MedShare categorize, label and pack these medical supplies. These supplies will be sent to any country that is in need of medical supplies. MedShare also sends various big medical equipments as well to the hospitals across the globe.

6 Responses to “Volunteering at MedShare”

  1. Sriram Says:

    It was a very good experience. We packed surgical gloves, paper towels, and bathroom tissues. The volunteer staff gave us a detailed tour of Medshare activities. The work was very light. We packed nearly 200 boxes

  2. Varadacharyulu Says:

    Today’s volunteer activity was very good. It’s total different experience for me and has given great satisfaction. I enjoyed mingling with different kinds of people. I want to participate again.

  3. Raghu Says:

    I enjoyed the activity well today. It was very good. Medshare volunteer coordinator explained how Medshare is supplying the medical supplies to poor and developing countries. I liked that very much. I would like to participate again in this volunteer work.

  4. Venu Says:

    The volunteer activity was fantastic. It was good to know that Medshare is supplying to many hospitals in other countries. It gave me great satisfaction that we are packing items required for the needy people. I really enjoyed this activity very much.

  5. Surya Kumari Says:

    Today’s volunteer activity was very very good. I enjoyed it a lot. It is a great feeling. I would like to participate again in this activity

  6. Vijay Says:

    It was awesome. Thanks to coordinators for arranging this activity. I liked helping for the cause of poor organizations/hospitals in developing nations. Service to the others gives pleasure. Good job team well done.

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