Volunteering at Medshare

This activity is related to packing the medical supplies to the needy. MedShare collects the unused but yet new medical equipments from various hospitals across Bay area. As volunteers we will help MedShare categorize, label and pack these medical supplies. These supplies will be sent to any country that is in need of medical supplies. MedShare also sends various big medical equipments as well to the hospitals across the globe.

3 Responses to “Volunteering at Medshare”

  1. Sriram Says:

    The volunteering was very good. We had to sort the medical supplies and learnt about the names for some of them like tourniquets which are elastic bands used while taking blood pressure or blood test.

  2. Shankar Says:

    It was great to help the medical community to sort out the laboratory equipment. Nice to know that the work we did will benefit the needy people in faraway countries. I enjoyed working as a team.

  3. Medshare Says:

    Dear Darshan2Divinity Volunteers,
    Thank you for coming to volunteer at MedShare on April 5th, 2014. We greatly appreciate you partnering with MedShare to help provide medical supplies to needy hospitals in 96 countries.

    Your group did a great job sorting through a second sort of laboratory medical supplies and packing 25 boxes that will end up on shipments to hospitals and clinics all over the globe. The contents of these boxes will make an incredible difference.

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