Volunteering at RAFT – Oct 17th, 2015

Resource Area for Teaching (RAFT) is an organization that prepare kits to the kids at schools. These kits are up for sale. The volunteering here is to help RAFT prepare those kits.

In this volunteering event, we helped RAFT create several packs of gold and silver sheets which can be used by teachers in their art projects.

7 Responses to “Volunteering at RAFT – Oct 17th, 2015”

  1. Venugopal Says:

    Volunteering at RAFT was a very pleasant experience. We had helped RAFT give shape to some of the artistic and creative projects. I always have enjoyed the creative ideas RAFT can generate. I definitely want to go again to RAFT for volunteering. It was great to see all the volunteers worked as a team. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed talking to other volunteers as well. It gave me the inspiration and enthusiasm for more volunteer events seeing young volunteers come forward to give their best. Thank you so much for everyone who worked hard in making this event a grand success and a memorable one.


  2. Jayashree Says:

    Volunteer experience was awesome! I had fun working on different small jobs. I enjoyed volunteering experience. I liked interacting with new people. I felt good working for something that might help someone. I definitely would like to participate again and will recommend this to others as well.

  3. Nathan Says:

    Volunteer activity experience was very good. I had never heard of RAFT before and thought it was a great experience. I enjoyed volunteering and I really like the idea of RAFT. I will mention it to family who I think will be interested. This was my first time volunteering with D2D and I had a great time.

  4. Corinne Says:

    Volunteer activity was really well organized and the work was fulfilling. I enjoyed the volunteer experience and loved talking to the fellow volunteers while working. I would like to participate again and will recommend it to others as well. The experience was really welcoming as a new comer.

  5. Madhan Says:

    I really enjoyed the volunteer activity. Haven’t done anything like this before. The one thing I liked the most today was doing something unusual and socially interacting with everyone. I wholeheartedly would like to participate again. Everything was organized perfectly.

  6. Priya Says:

    This was my first time volunteering at RAFT and I enjoyed the activity a lot. Happy to see kids volunteering there as well. Never thought so much work goes in to prepare kids activity kit. It was nice to see all the volunteers working enthusiastically. Looking forward to volunteer again.

  7. Muthu Says:

    This was my second time volunteering at RAFT, Nice to see lot of kids doing volunteering work. This time lot of new volunteers at D2D. I enjoyed doing the activity and had a great time.

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