Volunteering at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart is a non profit organization which provide essential services, empower people to improve their lives, advocate for justice, and inspire volunteers to love, serve, and share.[http://www.sacredheartcs.org/] For this volunteering, we sort and bag the produces for a family. Check out the photos and comments below from the participants about their experience.

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  1. Sanjai Athi Says:

    It was amazing to see so many volunteers work together. Our group did sorting of clothes. It was nice to see people donating good brand new clothes to the needy not just any old used ones. I enjoyed the event very much. There is always a joy in doing selfless service.

  2. Muthu Says:

    The volunteer work at sacred heart was well organized, this time we sorted clothes according to size and gender. Nice to see lot of young kids volunteering.I enjoyed it.Thanks to D2D volunteer team.

  3. Sriram Says:

    Volunteering with D2D was always very good. This time we did sorting and organizing the donated clothes for display at the sacred heart foundation. We had sort them by gender, size and age group. And should be inspected for quality before being put on display. There is so much work involved to make good use of the donated items. I learnt that it is better to give the clothes properly washed and in good condition while donating them.looking forward for the next D2D activity.

  4. Nanda Lekkelapudi Says:

    At Sacred Heart, we hung the piles of donated clothes on hangers and then sorted them by size and categories (Men, women, girls, boys etc). The idea was to make the clothes presentable and offer them to poor. And then I was involved in manning the car line where people donated their un-needed clothes and food.

    I liked the value system that Sacred Heart follows. Even though they were redirecting donated clothes to poor, they tried to help their clients keep their dignity. Clothes were being hung and reasonably presented. Also save the environment by not piling more into landfills.

    I enjoyed the day because:
    1. Jolly D2D group. Cheerful friends always makes any activity fun.
    2. Staff at Sacred Heart were using the volunteers effectively and efficiently. Move people from one task to other and then stop work exactly at noon. A well oiled machine.
    3. Seeing a slice of society and their values in the car line. Some were there to get rid of their junk, some washed/folded their “junk”, some were curious if we were going to make money off their clothes etc.
    4. Excellent lunch at “Asian” place in San Jose.

  5. Sridharan.R. Says:

    Animals were very friendly. I am milking the cow for the very first time in my life.On the whole it was an entirely different experience for me.

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