Volunteering for D2D

This Volunteer event is to help Darshan2Divinity (D2D) organization with any help the organization needs. There are various activities that require help with D2D. We will choose one of those activities and seek help from participating Volunteers. Check out the photos and comments below from the participants about their experience.


5 Responses to “Volunteering for D2D”

  1. Raghu Says:

    It was nice to do the volunteer work for D2D. Today I did recipe cards work in Ms Word. I was able to learn more about Word, I enjoyed that part a lot. I felt good. It was a wonderful activity. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to serve myself and to serve God.

  2. Anu Says:

    Volunteering for D2D was very good. It was very nice to work with our group. I did event calendar checking. I enjoyed it. It was so peaceful to sit and do in Guru’s house. We were able to complete lot of tasks. I am happy to be a part of it. Thank you very much.

  3. Venu Says:

    This volunteer activity was very good. We did complete lot of tasks today. It was a pleasant experience. We really enjoyed working as group. I have seen how much we have collectively achieved by working together.

  4. Sanjai Says:

    It was very good. Doing volunteer work for D2D is special. I was part of the group developing landing page content for website. I enjoyed the process of expressing what we are doing and why we are doing various D2D activities. Today’s activity not only helped to develop D2D web page content but also helped to contemplate about self.

  5. Sriram Says:

    Today’s volunteer work experience was very good. I did recipe cards creation and I was able to complete 30 of them. The conversation with Sanjai and working with D2D was interesting and wonderful. I am happy that we are able to complete majority of recipe cards work.

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