Volunteering for D2D

This Volunteer event is to help Darshan2Divinity (D2D) organization with any help the organization needs. There are various activities that require help with D2D. We will choose one of those activities and seek help from participating Volunteers. Check out the photos and comments below from the participants about their experience.

7 Responses to “Volunteering for D2D”

  1. Karthik Says:

    It was very good experience. I enjoyed cooking for everybody. I felt very peaceful and joyful. I would like to participate in this activity again.

  2. Sriram Says:

    I enjoyed doing the volunteer work. I am happy to be part of it through online. While reviewing the Food project book, I understood how much effort and time has gone into making that book. Thanks to Guru, Priya and Anu for coming up with the book. Thanks to Venu for helping me with the website work.

  3. Anu Says:

    I enjoyed being part of today’s volunteer activity. I learnt the meaning of Lord Ganesha’s prayer. All these days I am saying that prayer without knowing the real meaning of it. I felt happy because I was able to complete the tasks given to me. It was fun working with our group members. Food cooked by Karthik and Ram was awesome.

  4. Venu Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this volunteer activity. There was lot of work completed during this volunteer activity. That was most satisfying to me. Also, working together with everyone is a very enjoyable experience. This activity repeatedly showed how much of work can be done when everyone participates. There was lot of planning required for doing D2D volunteer activity. This gave me a good insight on how much of homework that needs to be done in any volunteer activity. This made me appreciate the volunteer’s effort in every activity. The Sattwic food items, Brown rice with vegetable & mixed fruit chutney tasted so nice

  5. Sanjai Says:

    Today’s volunteer work experience was very nice. It was not just the tasks performed but our Guru’s teachings made the experience unforgettable. We learnt the meaning of prayer on Lord Ganesha. We have been saying this prayer for a long time without knowing the meaning. The group was fantastic. I enjoyed working for our organization.

  6. Ram Says:

    It was really good and fun working with D2D members. I learnt lot in this activity. I would like to participate in the activity again.

  7. Kaushik Says:

    Today’s volunteer experience was very good. I learnt some new things today. I liked the discussions with Vijay anna. I would like to participate in this activity again.

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