Volunteering for D2D

This Volunteer event is to help Darshan2Divinity (D2D) with some of their organizational needs. Some of the activities are reviewing books, collecting information about a particular thing from internet, testing the working of website and some data entry activities. In this volunteering, we reviewed the Bhagavad Gita books for alignment, grammar and uniformity of presentation across chapters.

Check out the comments below from the participants about their experiences.


3 Responses to “Volunteering for D2D”

  1. Sriram Says:

    For this volunteering, we reviewed the Bhagavad Gita books and came up with the quotes for each chapter. Also we listed the benefits of reading each chapter from our own experiences. It was very nice to go over the chapters and recollect the benefits we have got from it.
    We also had fun in reading some of the benefits from Internet.
    And Anu provided us with a great lunch. Thanks to Guru, Anu and Sanjai for helping me participate in this activity.


  2. Anu Says:

    Today we did volunteering for D2D. We reviewed Bhagavad Gita books today.
    It was very good to read the entire book once again. I enjoyed very much working with our group. Thank you all for giving me this opportunity.


  3. Sanjai Athi Says:

    I enjoyed today’s event. As a group we were able to complete the review of the book – “The Essence of Bhagavad Gita”. Constructive feedback from everyone was very good. Coming out with the benefits of reading each chapter was very good. Converging on them was very smooth.


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