Volunteering Work for D2D, Jan 2015

This Volunteer event is to help Darshan2Divinity (D2D) organization with any help the organization needs. There are various activities that require help with D2D. In this event, we helped the D2D Website team with its tasks. Check below the photos from the volunteer event and the participants comments

3 Responses to “Volunteering Work for D2D, Jan 2015”

  1. Venugopal Says:

    It is always satisfying to see the work that gets done at each D2D Volunteer event. This event has been a little different one than the previous events, as we started without much hurry. It ended with some productive work being done though. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the work that was done during this day.

    Thank you to Guru for the efficient planning and guidance.


  2. Sanjai Athi Says:

    I enjoyed the volunteering event. We worked on certain website tasks. I enjoyed working as a team. There was no lack of jokes and laughter. The day was filled with good news.

  3. Vijay Says:

    Great team work and it was fun to work as a team once again.
    Good food by Anu. Thanks Anu.
    Looking forward to many more such fun volunteer events in the future.

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