Volunteering for Sacred Heart – Mar 12th, 2016

Sacred Heart is a non profit organization which provide essential services, empower people to improve their lives, advocate for justice, and inspire volunteers to love, serve, and share.[http://www.sacredheartcs.org/] For this volunteering, we sort and bag the produces for a family. Check out the photos and comments below from the participants about their experience.

3 Responses to “Volunteering for Sacred Heart – Mar 12th, 2016”

  1. Venu Says:

    The volunteer event is very nice. This time we have packed several items as food in a bag that can be distributed. It was soul fulfilling and nice to see the work we did will help families.


  2. Sriram Says:

    Today we did sorting and packing of food items at Sacred Heart. I had good time doing the activity with D2D team. I had great joy in having an opportunity to serve the community. The activity involved some heavy lifting, which took care of my long due workout :)

  3. Sanjai Says:

    The event was filled with a lot of enthusiastic people. We had to pack brown bags for the needy. The team worked harmoniously. It was no surprise to see 8 bins stacked with the brown bags. It is always nice to work for the community.

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