Darshan2Divinity (D2D) – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are glad that you are here to know more about us. We will provide you as much information as we can about our organization and our activities. Please read through these FAQs and reach out to us if you still have any unanswered questions.

1. Who we are? What is our vision?

Darshan2Divinity (D2D) Incorporation’s mission is to provide knowledge and practical experience to individuals for spiritual growth and happiness. We help individuals realize their true nature by connecting inside to connect outside. We do several activities that support the individual to realize their self through breathing, meditation and other tools. To help connect the individual to the outside world, we do volunteer events such as community service, organic farming and various other activities. You can get to know about our vision here.

2. Where D2D is physically located?

D2D doesn’t have specific physical location. The majority of the members are located in Santa Clara, CA, USA and India.

3. How to contact D2D members?

You can reach D2D members through D2D contact-us page

4. Do you sell Bhagavad Gita books? Can I purchase and do self-study of the purchased book?

No. We offer Bhagavad Gita books for free. We recommend studying Bhagavad Gita from a D2D teacher.

5. I’m a D2D student learning Bhagavad Gita. What are my qualities and spiritual practices?

  • Qualities and spiritual practices
    • Open mind and ready to try out new ideas.
    • Faith and trust in one’s teacher.
    • Meditation as guided by one’s teacher.

6. How often do you offer Bhagavad Gita classes?

The course is offered on a schedule agreed upon by teacher and student. Once the course starts, the classes are offered weekly spread over an 18 week period.

7. I’ve already studied Bhagavad Gita. Can I still enroll into D2D Bhagavad Gita class?

Bhagavad Gita has layers of knowledge in it and hence a lot to be gained even from repeated reading. This class tries to explain the essence of Bhagvad Gita and has tests to assess the level of understanding. With a unique way of learning, the class should enrich ones knowledge of Bhagavad Gita and hence recommended.

8. Can I attend Bhagavad Gita class remotely?

Bhagvad Gita class is a very personal experience and best done with teacher and student in proximity. Hence the class is not offered remotely. However if a deserving and interested student is ready, arrangements can be made between teacher & student for remote classes.

9. What is expected of me? (like, punctuality, sincerity, commitment, sadhana etc.,)

  • As a spiritual aspirant and D2D student, one is expected to be
    • Truthful
    • Show humility and respect to teachers
    • Be committed to the task one undertake.
    • Follow the instructions given to oneself by the teachers sincerely.

10. Do I need to have a prior experience, knowledge in spirituality or community service?

Not required. However the spiritual aspirant must be open minded. An empty cup can be filled more than a partially filled cup.

11. One must follow a specific religion to participate in D2D activities?

D2D welcomes people from all religious background to participate in all activities. The monthly volunteer work and feeding the cow program are primarily for community welfare. The spiritual courses and meditation offered in D2D will bring the awareness about Soul (Self) and the goal or purpose of life.

12. I’ve read through the FAQ and I’m committed and very much interested to get involved. What are my next steps?

The community and the world needs people like you. Kindly fill out the form in the link D2D Member Registration and you will be contacted shortly.

13. How often do you offer D2D Basic and Advanced courses?

Our basic courses are offered with mutual understanding between the D2D teacher(s) and seeking student(s). Our Advanced courses are scheduled when there are enough students ready to attend each course. We strongly recommend completing D2D Member Registration for everyone who is interested in our basic or advanced courses. We will review each request and work with you individually.

14. Can I use the pictures or contents from D2D web site?

The pictures or contents that are on D2D web site are our own work. The pictures that are on our web site are painted by D2D Painters. We really appreciate you abide by the copyrights of these pictures. We believe you will appreciate the hard work by our painters and content produced by us.

15. I’m already practicing Yoga and meditation. How will I be benefited by enrolling into D2D courses?

Every organization has own way of teaching. The Yoga and various meditations that we offer are entirely developed and offered by our Guru. We concentrate more on the individual self and how to apply the concepts learned in our day-to-day lives. We encourage you to come open minded and accept our way of teaching to benefit the most.

16. I’m not living in Bay area and I’m interested in D2D activities. What options do I have?

We are glad you are showing interest in our activities. We do offer various ways of contributing remotely as well. You can help us improve our online content, which can increase our online presence. You can write down your thoughts and ideas in a blog and send it to us. Whatever be your interest, we can work with you. Please reach out to us from Contact us page.

17. I’m living in Bay area and I’m interested in D2D activities. How should I get involved?

Kindly contact us through the website –Contact us. One of the D2D members will reach out to you within a week.

18. I’m interested in donating to D2D. How can I donate to D2D?

“It is in giving that one receives”. We appreciate your generosity. Please visit our charity page to make your generous donations at our Charity page . D2D is a California Non-profit religious organization with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

19. I would like to contribute to D2D projects. How can I do that?

There are many ways in which you can contribute to the D2D projects such as writing a blog, giving your time for the community welfare through our monthly volunteer work, assist in web site development, drawing and painting pictures, assist in publications, proof reading, Bhajan recordings etc. Kindly contact us through the website – Contact us.

20. How can I participate in a D2D activity?

Fill out the D2D Member Register form. This form has a field to express your interest. Based on your location, interest and availability, a D2D member will contact you to determine the best possible way to participate in D2D activities.

21. I’ve a medical condition. Will my condition improve when I participate in D2D activities?

D2D courses and activities are offered to assist seeker in the path of spirituality. D2D shall not offer medical advice or treatment and hence shall not guarantee a medical improvement. If the participant have any prior medical condition, they are strongly encouraged to discuss them with D2D teachers before participating. D2D will openly disclose who should participate in the courses/who should not and what could be the possible after effects. It is the participant’s discretion from there on to participate.

22. How much should i pay for the service I get from D2D?

There is no fee to participate in D2D courses. They are offered as a community service. Interested Souls can make use of them. There will be a nominal fee charged for purchasing books. For participating in D2D volunteer work, there will be a onetime registration fee. More details can be found at – Volunteer Registration

23. I’m interested in learning Bhagavad Gita through D2D? How can I enroll as a student?

We are glad to know about your interest. Kindly contact us through the website – Contact us. One of the D2D teachers will reach out to you within a week.

24. Who is the founder of D2D?

Darshan2Divinity was formed by Mr. Vijayavasanthan Gurusamy. He has had this strong urge to serve people from the early age itself. That has led him to create this organization. The organization was guided by several Divine beings.

25. What is the goal/Mission of D2D?

This organization was formed to aid every individual in their spiritual growth. The goal is to impart the knowledge about oneself to each individual through Bhagavad Gita teachings. This knowledge serves as the foundation and provide spiritual experience to the person who is interested to lead a happy life.

26. Why should I be part of D2D?

If you are a knowledge seeker who is interested in knowing the purpose of life, elevate yourself and others then we have all the tools to assist you. If you are a world weary who is bored with material pleasure, have no interest with life, we have the right knowledge to bring your life back to its purpose. If you are a seeker of happiness/contentment who wants to lead a life according to law of dharma and contribute to the society, we have opportunities for you to gain the knowledge and experience.

27. Is D2D a non-profit organization?

Yes, we are registered as a California Nonprofit Religious Corporation. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. Donations are tax exempt to the extend allowed by the law.

28. What does D2D offer?

The organization’s main focus is to provide individuals with the spiritual knowledge and experience to discover their true nature and potential. D2D offers a variety of opportunities for the individual to discover their spiritual nature.

  • Discovering oneself
    • Spiritual Knowledge: – Teachings of Bhagavad Gita, Thirukural and how to apply them in day to day life.
    • Spiritual Experience: – Breathing, Meditation, Grounding and Healing techniques
  • Empowering others
    • Volunteer activities & community services.
    • Bhajans
    • Charity
    • Potluck with sattwic food
    • Spiritual courses

29. Do you have a place where I can stay and study?

Currently Darshan2Divinity (D2D) do not have lodging facilities for the aspiring students. We are actively working to build a community center. If you are interested in donating to our building fund, please donate via our Charity page. You can reach out to us through Contact Us page if you have any additional questions.

30. How can kids participate in D2D activities?

Kids are part of our D2D family and we encourage kids to develop the attitude to serve others through our simple living. Kids can participate in some of the existing D2D activities such as Bhajans, Feeding the cow program. We have a D2D kid painting book in our store that kids enjoy coloring.

There are many new activities for kids are under development. Please continue checking our website periodically for updates.

31. Can school kids participate in volunteer events and obtain credits for their school?

School kids are encouraged to participate in D2D volunteer events. Since we volunteer at different places each month, it is highly encouraged that you sign up for the volunteer event. You will be notified by the volunteer coordinators of your eligibility for that event. There are no school credits that we offer for the service.

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