D2D Knowledge Series

Knowledge series is sharing  and spreading of knowledge from various spiritual books to elevate oneself and others an inch closer towards Divine. In knowledge series, each one will get a book from our Guru. Each person will realize for themselves the spiritual knowledge in their books. They summarize the message in a way relating to their understanding and will share their knowledge & happiness with one another. Then each person will write Vichars and Case studies helping the readers to grasp the knowledge and enjoy the happiness from it. On our Guru’s guidance, four of D2D members have written summary for books that they have been given.

Yoga Vashistam by Shankar Natarajan

Yoga Vasishtam is a spiritual discourse between Lord Sri Rama and His Guru, Sage Vasishta. Lord Sri Rama is said to have attained enlightenment after His doubts were completely dispelled by His Guru. Sage Vasishta uses short stories to explain the knowledge of self or Atman and Universal Spirit or Brahman for the benefit of the mankind.


Aphorisms of Love by Sanjai Athi

Saint Narada imparts to sincere seekers all that is needed to know about Divine Love through his sutras. He clearly explains the need for Divine Love and how it is different from our regular love we know about. He not only tells us about the purpose of life but what one needs to do to uncover this Divine Love. This is a practical guide for leading a happy life.


Narada Bhakti Sutra by Sriram Natarajan

Narada Bhakti Sutra are verses on Bhakti given by Sage Naradar to Sage Vyasar. Sage Naradar beautifully explains about Bhakti or devotion to God, ways to practice it and about the glory of Bhaktaas. Such subtle verses were explained wonderfully with many stories and analogies by Swami Sivananda to help us understand the power of  Divine Love.


Kurai Ondrum Illai by Priya Athi


The author of the Kurai ondrum illai book, Mukkoor Sri Lakshmi Narashimhacharyar has written 8 parts and this book is the summary of the 8th part. The author has beautifully given insights on soul and path to attain salvation through lots of stories and examples from vedas.

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