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What is a Kolam?

Kolams are integral part of Indian culture. They are symbol of auspiciousness. In India every morning women draw kolams in front of their houses with rice flour/chalk powder.

Kolam is a form of artistic expression. It improves creativity and patience in women. Kolams will invite prosperity & positive energy into the house and drive away the evil spirits. Rice flour used in kolams will become food for ants and insects. Feeding the creatures around us gives good karma. Filling kolam with color powders (rangoli) will bring good energies into home. Drawing kolam will also make a person active because it is a good exercise.

D2D Kolam book has both simple and complex kolams, for everyday use and festival days.

D2D has created two beautiful books showing several kolams. The links to the books are given below. We have also created a sample slide show with few kolams.

Click here to order Kolam book-1 from D2D Store.
Click here to order Kolam book-2 from D2D Store.

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